Review: Shiseido Bronzer

It’s about 36 hours before I fly off to Korea and turn myself into a giant over-padded penguin snowbun. I know I should be more excited, but zomg the stress of panic packing outweighs the excitement. What if I forget to bring something, especially a makeup or skincare item?

Now, I don’t usually take photos, but when on holidays, it’s trigger-happy time! Therefore, it’s time to pile on the war paint and make pretty faces. What’s more, with all the pretty snow this upcoming trip, the lighting will be perfecto for photo taking.

Cue: Commence raiding of make up drawer.

IMG_2763Shiseido Bronzer Shade 2 Medium Naturel


Comes in 3 shades – 1 Light, 2 Medium, 3 Dark




I say…

This is the stuff of serious shading and contouring.

  • In fact, I’d totally recommend this to a drag queen – this is great for contouring and creating those stage makeup type of makeup effects.
  • Clearly, it’s not suitable for my skin tone, cos it’s too dark. Perhaps I should have gotten the Light shade instead. I’ll be using this Medium shade for my hairline instead (think Korean style)
  • The brush is soft and suitable for contouring areas like your hairline, jawline and cheekbones.
  • However, if you want to contour your nose bridge to make it appear sharper, you’ll have to use a smaller brush.
  • The powder grains are fine and don’t flake all over – in fact, a little goes a long way, so don’t get all excited and pick up too much.

Overall, a decent bronzer worth checking out. I’d recommend something that comes with a highlighter though (to get more bang outta your buck) ie the Laneige Love In Bloom Sculpting Blusher.


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