Review: Clarins Skin Illusion Loose Powder Foundation

Anyone with bumpy horny plugs on their skin should be well-acquainted with this dilemma – using a powder product will result in the skin’s uneven surface being coated, therefore draws more (unwanted) attention to it, particularly to the nose and cheeks where there are plenty of blackheads a-brewing. grr. After using the DRX Comedone Formula, the (speed)bumps to me using powder-based products have been miraculously removed! Thus, I decided to venture precariously back into this territory.



clarins (1)For the first time, I’ve had to read instructions on how to open a product (or risk smashing it to bits)

clarins (2)Twist open the cap…

clarins (3)…and push the brush downwards to get it out

clarins (4)

clarins (5)Shade 105 nude – the powder grains are really fine, but unfortunately not in my shade

clarins (8)

The powder blends is really, really well, to the point that it’s almost invisible! Amazing. The only way you can see it is cos it’s a different shade from my skin.

clarins (9)A close-up for you to scrutinise the coverage

I say…

I’m confused. I don’t know if I’m impressed with this product cos it’s really that good, or it’s because my skin has improved and products now sit better on it. haha.

  • The powder grains are fine.
  • The brush is small and surprisingly soft.
  • The coverage (as you can tell) is awesome, and gives a matte finishing. Although this colour doesn’t suit me, there’s a wide range of shades for you to choose from.
  • It doesn’t oxidise that quickly – about 4-6 hours – and doesn’t cake that obviously.
  • It also has surprisingly good sebum absoprtion powder (which prolly explains the longer time needed to oxidise), so it’ll be suitable for those with slightly oil skin.
  • To be honest I’d rather use this as a loose powder rather than as a foundation.
  • I have a beef with the packaging though – it is 10% more cumbersome than usual products. If you wanna pick up extra powder you’ll need two hands to hold the brush, hold the filter tray and the inner cover tray. Oh, and you’ve got to not sneeze as well, or behold the next mushroom-shaped cloud of powder.

If you’re looking for a new foundation powder or loose powder, you can get this. It’s a plus that it looks really pretty on your dresser. 😀


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