Review: Heavy Rotation Marker Pen Eyeliner

Working in the tech industry has been good for my soul. The tech dudes in the tech industry are just so nice and normal. If they take a dig at you, they do it in your face, I hurl something at them/try to kick them, everyone laughs it off,  case closed. Life moves on.

That was why I was so aghast to meet a dude who was such a douche. Last week, I attended the Amore Pacific Gala Dinner (this is the edited version) and was seated at a table with the spouse of a high-ranking staff. He should have conducted himself better but he didn’t – in fact, he managed to come across as the rudest and most arrogant person I’ve ever met in my entire life.

Thus, I blogged about it – not to gain attention nor to blow it out of proportion, but simply to get it out of my system – some people indulge in retail therapy, others become keyboard warriors, aka me. Surprisingly, I got a call from the PR folks yesterday asking if I could take down the post cos apparently they were getting heat from the top – out of the niceness of my heart, I decided to edit it.

Since I could barely bring myself to retaliate that rude fella, my claws are clearly rusty.  I guess in future, I can only arm myself with this – fierce makeup aka a truckload of eyeliner. That’s what all the Korean girl groups do – eyeliner = major fierceness.

BEG combinedL: Brown Eye Girls looking fresher and more approachable, R: major eyeliner fierceness

t-ara fresh

Top: T-ara looking relatively fresher and more friendly in their Bo Peep image vs their Day By Day heavy eyeliner fierceness below


When I was in Korea, my pal Romeo recommended that I buy this following item (which, to my surprise, wasn’t a Korean item, but was sold in Aritaum. Looks like Amore Pacific recognised the potential of this product).


heavyrotation (1)

heavyrotation (2)

heavyrotation (3)

heavyrotation (4)

IMG_3184Added on 13 Dec: A comparison between some of my favourite eyeliners at the moment.

I say…

I love this product! Makeup artists’ recommendations can never go wrong .

  • This eyeliner is black enough – even with a single stroke, the intensity of the black is visible.
  • Because of its marker tip, control is easy.
  • The eyeliner lasts, and lasts, and lasts! I’m really impressed with this cos I’ve got oillids, and yet this managed to stay on the entire day (8 hours). Wowowow.
  • When (and after it eventually) smudges, it doesn’t leave an ugly black smudge (ala raccoon eyes). It somehow disintegrates and flakes quietly away without leaving ugly residue on your face. I don’t know how it does that. The only other eyeliner I know capable of doing this is the Laneige Natural Eyeliner.
  • A slight peeve I have about this product is that its tip can  be a little abrasive on the lids. When I swatched it on my hand, it didn’t feel rough at all, but during application it felt quite rough and tugged a bit on my lids. Perhaps my lids are too sensitive or too used to the softer brush-type applicators ie CLIO Brush Liner or the felt tips ie L’Oreal Super Liner.

The last point aside, it’d be a perfect eyeliner – I’d still recommend that you get this though.


12 thoughts on “Review: Heavy Rotation Marker Pen Eyeliner

  1. Hi Dalja! I remember there was a post where you compared Clio liner to Laneige, although they are both matte black liquid liner, their finishing seems to be different in your photo. The Clio 1 looks like having some sort of “reflective coat” on it (hope you get what i mean). Do you think the finishing of heavy rotation has any chance to look similar to any 1 of them? Thanks!

  2. i have bought this from Sasa ! thanks for the review. its finishing not black enough on the first try on my eyelids.Its like ” watery light black” . i think it may be the angle i applied it. hopefully the more i use, the finishing would be matte black.

    • Hey Sara, you can try shaking it vigourously before application? maybe the colour wasn’t “mixed” well enough.. hope you can get the same effect I got 🙂

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