Review: La Prairie Cellular Treatment Liquid Soft Glow

The world is evolving much – just last week, I sat in amused silence as someone lectured me on why I shouldn’t use oil blotters cos “it will result in your skin producing more sebum because your skin becomes drier instead.”  Since I’ve got years in the beauty industry, this isn’t the first time I’m hearing it, but it is the first time I’m getting it from a dude – a tech journalist from a tech magazine. MANKIND, I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!

This is why I believe my skincare / makeup regime should also be constantly evolving – just cos I used to pile on the makeup when I was younger doesn’t mean I should continue doing the same, especially since my skin is going to the dogs. And that’s also why I’m perpetually trying new products (therefore giving rise to this blog) 😀

In my quest for Kpop celebrity skin, I’m trying this one.

La Prairie Cellular Treatment Liquid Soft Glow

laprarieProducts with reflective surfaces are the worst for photography. hmph.

laprarie (1)

laprarie (1)

laprarie (2)A barely visible glow on the right side of my hand.

laprarie (3)A dewy glowy and subtle finish

I say…

Not bad, not bad indeed. This really does give you an illuminating effect.

Here’s the official spiel off their website:

This air-light, silky formula enhances the natural skin tone with a brightened luminosity.

Designed to create shimmery accents to contour and highlight any area of the face, this unique formula is perfect and flattering on all skin tones. An invisible light diffuser, Cellular Treatment Liquid Soft Glow creates a soft-focus effect to blur the look of lines and wrinkles.

Formulated with La Prairie’s legendary Cellular Complex, this innovative product helps skin feel flawless, with a firmer, more lifted appearance.

This silky, lightweight fluid may be worn alone or blended with your favourite foundation to enhance the luminosity of your skin.

This is one surprisingly awesome product – although pricey, I’d recommend it. It’s not a new product though – I believe it was launched in 2011. It’s time to redeem those Good Girl points and put this on your xmas wish list 😀


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