Review: Derma RX Vit-A Gel

If there’s one thing I absolutely cannot accept, it’s a lack of manners. It reflects not just upon you, but also makes it seem like your parents didn’t do a good job raising you.

Last night, I felt an overwhelming urge to throw acid on this extremely, supremely, amazingly obnoxious and rude douchebag at the Amore Pacific Gala Dinner (will give more details in my upcoming blog post about it).  However, since he was already ugly enough and cos it’s illegal, I went home and splashed (salicylic) acid on my face instead.


drxvitaagel (1)

I say…

Like the Comedone Formula and Max-C from DRx clinic that I’ve tried, this one also has super efficacy. Here’s the spiel from their website:

Yellow lotion with characteristic botanical fragrance that leaves a very slightly sticky after-feel (goes away when completely dry).

Vit-A Gel is a unique formulation containing a synergistic blend of Green Tea extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Retinol and Salicylic Acid (BHA) to stimulate and increase cell-turnover, with additional comedolytic action. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and uneven skin texture.
  • To me, it works as a skin resurfacing peel – aka removing the dead outer layer of your skin to reveal more radiant and newer skin.
  • Of course, since it’s sort of a peel, you can expect your skin to become slightly drier and peel a bit as well, especially if your skin is dry in the first place. I used to apply this daily (recommended by the doctor), but I’ve changed to just 1x a week cos I was peeling quite badly.
  • Yes, it stinks, like the rest of DRx’s products, simply cos it’s botanicals. But hey, I can live with holding my breath for 15 seconds if it gives me good skin. It absorbs pretty quickly too and has just a very slighttttt sticky finish (which, true to its website description, goes away once your skin is dry)/
  • After using it for just a week, besides seeing slightly peeling skin, my complexion was more radiant and “boing boing” – firmer to the touch.
  • My skin was also smoother and pores were slightly smaller (although to be fair, I think the reduced pore size was attributable more to the Comedone Formula and Max-C).
  • I’d recommend using this in place of your weekly scrub/exfoliator – note that you shouldn’t use both together though, cos it can be too harsh on your skin.
  • Available from The DRX Clinic via prescription only – consultation costs $50. I’m not sure how much this Vit-A Gel costs though. Overall, I wouldn’t rate it as a must-get, but it’s worth a first try.

2 thoughts on “Review: Derma RX Vit-A Gel

    • hey Chester, nice to meet you here as well! Thanks for arranging for me to meet Dr Angela the other time – I love the Max-C and CF and have been recommending them to my friends as well 😀

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