Review: Laura Mercier Illuminating Eye Colour

For those who remember their geography – the closer you are to the equator, the hotter the temperature. Singapore is so damn near to the equator that the distance can be measured in kilometres – we’re 137km north of it.

What’s more, cos we’re such a hawt hawt country, we don’t have any seasons. However, it’s a long-standing joke among locals. We do have seasons:

  • July – Sept: The hazy season caused by Indonesian farmers start burning their lands to prepare for their crops. Somehow, we’re always downwind from their smoke.
  • Oct – Dec: Rain, rain, and more rain.
  • The rest of the year: Hot, hot, and humid. Occasional chances of flash floods.

As you can tell, we’ll prolly never have a white Christmas in Singapore, so I’ve decided to create my own gold Christmas with this.

lauraeyeLaura Mercier Illuminating Eye Colour in Gilded Platinum shade


lauraeye (1)

lauraeye (2)



I say…

First of all, don’t use your fingertips to apply this – 10% of it will go onto your lids, while the remaining 90% will adhere to you and turn you into Goldfinger.

  • When applied dry, it’s more of a shimmer / glitter powder than an eyeshadow since it’s not very opaque.
  • When applied wet, it blends a lot more easily and doesn’t flake all over.
  • In fact, it’s quite pigmented and leaves a nice film of champagne gold over your eyelids.
  • Sadly, once it dries out, you’ll find that it flakes slightly.
  • It does have a lovely shimmery and illuminating finish if you pile it on top of another colour though – check out this blogger’s review and pictures (she reminds me of Michelle Yeoh).
  • If you do a simple google, you’ll find several beauty bloggers regurgitating the press release about its “soft bouncy texture” – hell no. This does not bounce in any way – it’s just another normal eyeshadow powder pot. My fats bounce more than this powder does.
  • It retails for $24 on Sephora (in US ds I assume) – kinda pricey considering it’s just one colour.

If I had US$24, I personally wouldn’t spend it on this item, since I prolly could get a palette instead. Yes, I’m stingy that way. Someone buy me a nice palette nao nao nao.


2 thoughts on “Review: Laura Mercier Illuminating Eye Colour

    • what i did was to lightly swipe a couple of water droplets onto my eyelids / hands and then dab the eyeshadow over. heh. I’ve uploaded some new photos showing the difference in the wet and dry finish.. sorry for the bad lighting though!

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