Review: Gloss Fluo De Chanel

There was a period in my life when I went bonkers over branded goods – at one point in time, I was the owner of :

  • 2 Chanel bags
  • 1 Gucci bag
  • 1 miu miu bag
  • 3-5 Burberry bags + matching wallets
  • 1 Bulgari wallet
  • random accessories from the luxury powerhouses ie a 1k necklace from Chanel, a $600 cuff (that has now faded from a gorgeous gold to blah bronze) etc

Boy was I an absolutely and feckless spendthrift! Thankfully I’ve seen the error of my ways and have recouped some of my money by selling off them bags. After all, it’s justa bag. Perhaps one with better stitching, material and cutting, but still, a bag that carries all your random stuff.

Sometimes, a person just gets so taken in and persuaded by the luxury marketing and branding – which is why they capitalise on this by extending their brand names to non-related segments such as makeup and skincare. House of Coco, as much as I love your bags, this particular item just does not do it for me.

chanelfluoGloss Fluo De Chanel  – shade 427

chanelfluo (1)

chanelfluo (2)

chanelfluo (3)Swatching it on a sheet of tissue paper cos it just wouldn’t show up on the white board I usually use…

chanelfluo (8)…but seems like it also doesn’t show up much on the lips.

chanelfluo (9Pucker uppppp!

I say…

  • Wow this is quite a waste of money, if you ask me.
  • There’s not much difference in the between and after pictures – kinda like I ate some really oily item and forgot to wipe my lips.
  • There’s not much value add to the experience also – it has no scent nor sensation (the Buxom Lips one has a minty cooling feeling and doesn’t feel as thick or gooey). It’s literally just gloss, an extra layer of sticky stuff on your lips.
  • There’s not much colour change either.
  • I mean.. it’s.. just.. like.. nothing… nothing.. nothing…

Don’t even accept this if someone gives it to you for Christmas. I’m serious.


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