Review: Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow

Since it’s Monday and it’s time for the blues, let me chase them away with a blog review on pretty, sparkly, glittery eyeshadows! What’s more, it’s from the mother brand of all overpriced handbags – Chanel 😀

chaneleyeIsn’t it pretty? Chanel Illusion D’ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in Vision shade

chaneleye (1)


chaneleye (2)

chaneleye (3)

chaneleye (4)

chaneleye (5)

I say…

Chanel, oh house of Coco, why do you always put forth such lust-inducing products? Even your eyeshadows are so smooth, like that calfskin 2.55 that I’ll never bear to put my money down for.

  • The texture is oh-so-fine… I’m not sure what it really is – kinda like a velvety cream that’s not sticky.
  • It comes with a brush (kinda like a concealer brush with smooth bristles) for application. However, for once, I’d rather use my fingertips.
  • The colour is buildable, so one layer gives you a sheer glitter, while multiple colours result in more opaque colours.
  • It’s more shimmery and sparkly than an actual eyeshadow colour, especially 88 Abstraction (peachy champagne pink) and 89 Vision (gold).
  • The other two darker colours Apparition (glittery navy blue) and 86 Ebloui (chocolate glittery brown) could suffice as eyeshadow colours, but aren’t that intense.
  • When you use your fingertips to pick up some colour from the pot, it feels kinda like clay – moudable and moveable. In fact, they almost bounce back after you poke a depression in them. FUN TIME!
  • However, once you apply it, it suddenly becomes a thin silk-like film on your skin, kinda like the Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill. Thankfully, this one doesn’t flake all over your dresser like the Giorgio Armani one.
  • It gives a really noticeable shimmer effect but doesn’t turn you into a disco ball.
  • They last for quite a long time (they stayed on my oil lids for about 6 hours before starting the crease dance).

Tis the season to be pampering yourself, so go forth and buy one of theseeeeee.


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