Shiseido Perfect Rouge

I’ve recently become a tad bit more adventurous in my makeup routine, going to the extent of trying on various lip colours. Being a typical girl, I second-guess myself and flood my pals with selcas (Korean term for self-taken shots) via Whatsapp. What’s more, my selcas would be taken while I’m wearing my crappy home tee and shorts, bunned-up messy hair and a face that’s devoid of makeup (thus making it hard for them to recognise me).

Thankfully, my awesomeness still shines through (muahahaha) and they’ve been able to pass/fail the various wax sticks I’ve slathered on my lips.

Shiseido Perfect Rouge 331 Divine

I say…

  • I love this! The candy pink colour isn’t too Nicki Minaj and is funky enough to go out while remaining  acceptable for the office. (but then again, I’ve been known to push the limits of the office dress code)
  • Even though I’ve got dry and cracked lips (you totally couldn’t tell, right?), this lipstick is moisturising and creamy enough to cover it and not settle into the crack.
  • It isn’t too thick either, so my lips don’t feel icky.
  • It lasts (until you eat or drink, but that’s the norm with all lipsticks, so I’m not fussed about this.
  • Although this wouldn’t be my first choice colour, it turned out surprisingly well! This goes to prove that you should be more adventurous – check out  more shades here.
  • -nods in approval- proceed to buy this, you may.

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