Review: Burberry Sheer Concealer

After getting hooked on Running Man, I have slowly come to terms with my dark eye circles. Somehow, the only female cast member Song Jihyo manages to pull it off. Of course, she also has a superbly pretty face to balance it out, but hey, just check out how natural she looks.

My delusions aside, my visit to the DRx dermatologist also helped me come to terms  – Dr Angela said that dark eye circles are also due to bad circulation of the respiratory tract, especially if you’ve got sinus problems. Considering that I grew up sneezing my nose off first thing in the morning, I guess you could consider that as a sinus problem.
That doesn’t mean I’ll be going out without concealing my under-eye dark circles any time soon though – I’m quite fair naturally, and if you combine that with eyes that look like they got punched by an ink mortar stone, it is rather unsightly.

Burberry Sheer Concealer 01 Light Beige – not sure of in-store price but it’s available on Nordstrom for SGD$52.85

At first glance, it looks slightly matte and dry-ish…

…but add a couple more layers and you’ll find that it’s slightly creamy, thus making it easy to blend

Zomg, where are my veins?

Ignore le stupid double eyelid tape – I’m still trying to perfect the art of sticking it nicely heh.

Taken from the product description:

Burberry Sheer Luminous Concealer is a beautifying concealer with a lightweight fluid texture that perfects and highlights natural beauty. Easy to use, it minimizes imperfections and covers blemishes while adding highlights to the face for an overall luminous and healthy look. The innovative formula combines a hydrating complex with unique silicones to offer a protective formula that glides for improved blendability. Also contains wild rose extract, which provides moisturizing benefits and regenerating properties, leaving skin hydrated and smooth.

How to use: To cover blemishes and redness, use the brush directly on the skin and then gently blend with your finger. To erase dark circles and small blue veins underneath the eyes, use a shade lighter than your foundation and tap onto desired area. To use the Sheer Concealer as a highlighter, apply to select areas, including top of cheekbones, bridge of nose, bow of mouth and inner corner of eyes.

I say…

-grudging nod of approval- This isn’t half that bad. I have a general perception that fashion houses should stick to what they do best – fashion. Surprisingly, Burberry manages to pull off this makeup item.

  • It comes in a gorgeous gun metal dark silver sleep glossy packaging with a click-top. It’s totally  “bam, bitch, here’s your bullet of product envy cos I own this gorgeous and luxurious thang!”
  • The click-top dispenses an appropriate amount so you don’t have to get click-happy.
  • The concealer itself is easy to apply, despite it having a relatively matte/velvety texture.
  • The brush is soft and small enough for the under-eye area. However, it’s too small for blending, but to be fair,  Burberry did mention on the product description that you’ll have to use your fingers to blend.
  • It gives good coverage – see above pictures. It even managed to conceal my Wolverine-like veins on my hands.
  • It gives a decent and acceptable matte / velvet finish. It will become unacceptable if you have dry skin or under-eye fine lines though, so don’t cheat on using the eye creams.

However, I wouldn’t use this for a highlighter. The point of using a highlighter is so that it reflects light and creates non-existent bone structure ie a high nose bridge, prominent cheekbones etc. This one has such a matte finish that the moment I applied it onto my nose, I went from Pinocchio to Barbara Streisand.

If you’re looking for a concealer and have some extra moolah to spare this festive season, I’d say it’s worth a try 🙂


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