Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner

Sorry for the minor hiatus – I was busy being queen of the world (aka since it was my birthday I could basically boss everyone around and demand that they tell me they love me). In fact, my friends love me so much that they even let me stick giant name tags on their backs and ran around the room on one foot playing crazy games – my version of Running Man.

I even heard one of my good pals whisper to another, “I’m 32 this year and I’m standing in a circle holding hands and preparing to start a game”.


Since I held a party, I had to make sure I looked my best, in case my adoring fan-friends wanted to take photos with me.  Haha. As you can tell, I’m still on an ego-trip high, so bear with my inane self-praising just for the duration of this post. I ransacked my product drawer to find the best products that could last through my 3-hour party. This product is not one of the finalists.

A fine, smooth and soft felt tip that doesn’t poke my eye when I’m using it

Slight feathering of the product spotted!

I say…

This is quite a meh product.

  • Sure, it is incredibly sharp and can draw fine lines with precisely (but then again, so do the other 99 eyeliners I own).
  • It is black enough and smooth enough.
  • The pen is quite lightweight and doesn’t feel quite sturdy when I’m trying to draw my eyes (aka I feel like the Hulk trying to use a stylus)
  • However, it doesn’t last very long and flakes relatively easily. A soft gentle rub was all it took to remove half the lines (see swatch above).

All in all, there’s no particular USP to make this product stand out from the rest – it’s just another eyeliner. Get it only if you’re on a shoestring budget till next payday and can’t live without eyeliner.

One thought on “Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner

  1. I think i’m the only person who notices that the picture they used for this packaging is the same one used in the master precise eyeliner ads. XD clearly one of these is not that liner!!!!!!!!!!! XD

    Happy birthday again! 😀

    that stinks that it smudges so easily D: ridiculous! this makes me wonder if anyone’s ever tattooed eyeliner on them because they were tired of the slip XD hahaha wouldn’t surprise me! They do eyebrows.


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