Sephora Eyelash Amplifier

Yes, I’m clearly so hyped up about Romeo coming to Singapore – one of the many events he’s scheduled for is the Laneige Pre-Christmas Party which you should sign up for nao nao nao.

I was rifling through my makeup  drawer to check for items that I was running out of so that I could ask him to buy it for me, when I  realised that I’d forgotten to blog about this item that he’d given me in March this year.



To be honest, when he first whipped this out of his bag and gave it to me, I was all “hello, why are you buying me a pink notebook/ bookmark?”

Turns out he was being such a sweetie (and makeup nazi) cos he noticed my clumpy lashes, and decided to buy me this.


You can use it to apply your mascara so that it doesn’t smudge against your lids, and then use the other end to comb out any clumps. Check out this blogger’s demonstration – I have locomotor coordination problems only two hands so I can’t use this amplifier, apply mascara and take photos at the same time.


I say…

This is one helluva awesome product that’s so simple in concept.

It helps comb out all the clumbs, thus effectively removing excess mascara weight and helping your lashes to curl higher. Since it looks less clumpy, the illusion is also a lengthening one.

It’s foldable and lightweight and easy to carry around, but I don’t see why you need to do so. Once you’ve properly set your lashes at home, there’s no need to touch up for the rest of the day.

The space in between the teeth is also just nice – I didn’t pull out any lashes while combing through the clumps (gently of course).





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