Review: IOPE Whitegen Cleansing Foam

Depending on how much I like the cleanser, I can take 2-4 months to finish it. My last cleanser was The Face Shop’s Flebote Hydra Soft Cleansing Foam, and it took about 3 months to almost finish it – almost finish in the sense that I don’t bother to yoga twist and flex the tube and coax the last 5% hiding in all corners of the tube.

In a way, I was just eager to move on to my next cleanser – it was like a ho-hum relationship with a pleasant bf but the sparks have died on. Meet my new bf-cleanser, the IOPE Whitegen Cleansing Foam, and boy, the fireworks are galore!

Very slight and tiny beads for exoliation and perhaps whitening – not too coarse and harsh on your skin, and melts away as you massage your face.

I say…

This is friggin’ awesome! Granted, the packaging is not not eye-catching – I only bought it on a whim cos there was a discount.

  • It cleanses well and removes any excess makeup that my makeup remover missed.
  • It makes my pores smaller – I am not kidding.
  • It doesn’t strip my face of all the moisture (none of the squeaky clean feeling).
  • My skin is visibly fairer and my skin tone is more even.
  • It smells good – not too acrid and not too fragrant.
  • It lathers well – not too thick and not too watery.
  • It comes with little beads for exfoliation and perhaps some whitening.

I’m really pleasantly surprised by this product – so much that I’m scouring gmarket now and planning for a second tube even though I’m only 10-15% through this one. I think it costs only aboud SGD20, which is a decent price for a relatively fat tube.

I should ask Romeo to get some for me – he’s coming to Singapore again! Yay! Quickly prepare to book your slots with him girls, he gives one of the BEST makeovers (and that’s saying something, considering I’ve had countless makeovers in my 5-6 years working in magazines). I’ll post up more details once I get confirmation on his dates 😀

Meanwhile, buy this cleanser and ensure that your face is clean and purified enough so that when he gets here, your face will be in tip-top condition to receive his awesome makeup skills!


4 thoughts on “Review: IOPE Whitegen Cleansing Foam

  1. Hi! Do you think this foam will suit older women in their 40-50s? I’m thinking of getting the iope whitegen set for my mum but wasn’t sure if its targeted for women in that particular age group 😦

    • hi shirley,

      I think you can select skincare products based on skin concerns rather than the age group. If your mom is concerned about an uneven skin tone, then the whitegen range should be suitable for her.

      I bought two types of cleansers back for my mom and she picked the moisture one cos she is worried about dryness.

      Plus, Amore Pacific’s products are targeted to cover almost the entire female population. This is my perception based on their marketing strategies, brand spokespersons and advertisement models- Etude House for the young ‘uns, Innisfree for 16-25, Laneige for the 18-29, Hera for the mid-20s to the late-30s, Mammonde for the mid-30s to the late-40s, IOPE for the early-30s to the late-40s, Sulwhasoo for early-30s to the grandmothers (a lot of my korean friends’ moms and grandmoms are using Sulwhasoo) etc.

      I think your mom should be fine using the Whitegen range 😀

      • Thanks Dalja! I definitely going to get her the set. Hopefully it will work well on her skin – no more complaints about her uneven skin tone and such haha. On another note, I’m surprised that Mamonde is targeted for that particular age group. I mean considering both Siwon and Yuri endorses the brand, and priced cheaper than Laneige…

    • me too! maybe it’s just the original marketing plan that clashed – perhaps they’re trying to overhaul the image now to make it younger and more hip. their previous advertisement models were matronly.. it seemed to be a more wholesome brand for the lady-next-door sorts. heh. hope your mom likes the set! 😀

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