Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes

Contrary to popular belief, magazine journalists do not strut in to work looking all “bitch, I’m fabulous”.  It’s quite the opposite – on ordinary days, we (well, mostly, I) trudge to work in our most lup-tup (local slang for shoddy, crappy, shitty, you get the gist) clothes with our glasses perched at the tip of our noses.

You don’t seriously expect us to look good while we stare intently at the screen and try to bang out an article?  It’s hard to be glamourous when we start pulling our hair out, flip numerous press kits and holler insanely (to no one in particular) “my article deadline is tomorrow! I have to pull something out of my panties now!”

Anyhoos, at the end of that, we usually have to attend some event, so that’s when the war paint comes out. Since we already have raccoon eyes, the last thing we need is something else that draws focus to it, and that is the reason why I am not recommending this item.





I say…

  • The application wand was alright – the fatter end makes it easier to reach all the lashes and apply the mascara evenly.
  • It lengthens the lashes and volumnises it slightly.
  • There’s also a slight curling effect.
  • However (here comes the “but”) – this smudges so horribly.
  • It takes so long to dry – blink, and it smudges.
  • Even after it dries, it smudges. I don’t know why and how, but I had horrible raccoon eyes the whole day. It just wouldn’t stop smudging!  Every single time I went to the toilet, I had to clean my undereye smudges.

You shouldn’t spend a single cent on this, and even if someone gave it to you, give it away! Get it away from you like it’s some zombie virus. Run, run, run like there’s a $1 Chanel bag sale waiting for you at the finish line!





9 thoughts on “Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes

  1. omg just bought this for my sister as a Taiwan TV programme (女人我最大) claim it as super lengthen super volumnise super dolly and super duper smudge/water-proof….. she’s going to kill me x_x

    • perhaps your sis mighttt have better luck than me? Cos after all I do have ridiculously oily eyelids. heh. I had a friend who wanted a mascara for her birthday, and I refused to buy this for her. I went with a 4D missha mascara instead – cheaper and better!

  2. XD So you all don’t act like meryl streep from the devil wears prada?! Kidding haha

    Wow XD I’ve given a product a bad review before but you clearly don’t like this one lol Ah well! plenty more where that came from!

  3. Hi there,

    I find your blog interesting and you are such a South Korean expert.

    Which hotels would you recommend for a female traveller like me? I am planning to visit the country soon.

    Thank you!

      • Hello! I’m planning to visit Seoul. So shopping and some sightseeing (2 days of countryside if possible). Dun mind spending a week in total.

    • Hey Su, I think if you wanna do countryside you’ll have to travel out of Seoul – hit Jeonju, Daejeon, Daegu, Busan etc. Shopping is for sure in Myeong Dong, Sinchon, Gangnam Coex, Apgujeong (pricier), Insadong (cultural stuff). Don’t think your 7 days is enough to cover all these places though 😀
      I usually recommend that my friends stay at myeongdong cos that’s where the bulk of the beauty shops are. Ibis Myeongdong is about SGD180-220 per night, best to share with a friend. Try Hotel Skypark 1 and Hotel Skypark 2 as well – also right smack in the middle of myeong dong. Oh there’s also Jhill, a relatively new hotel. Remember to visit the jjimjilbangs for a more authentic experience 😀

  4. I nearly wanted to get this mascara! A lot bloggers say it will give a dolly effect. I want to get a smudge proof mascara too. Any other good brand mascara which give long, volume & smudge proof effect? I’ve been using maybelline falses mascara. It’s hard to get a suitable mascara 😦

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