Review: The Face Shop Face It Styling Auto Gel Liner

I have more or less come to a sad resignation that unless I decide to tattoo it on, my eyeliner will always smudge. It’s like how the guests on Runnng Man these days will always win, and like how your makeup skills always disappear into thin air on the days that you need them the most ie on a date or that gathering where you have to one-up that snooty bitch.

However, these days, what I look for is the level of smudging, and how it smudges. Ah-ha. Bet you never knew there was a difference in the way that eyeliners smudge, did you? (Fine, it’s all from my head).

  • The Racoon – Eyeliner transfers seamlessly from top lid to bottom, so all you get are clean top lids and beautiful eyebags.
  • The Joker – Eyeliner smudges on both top and bottom lids – think full on black eyes.
  • The Smokey Eye – This is the best of them all – it smudges, but in such a helpful way that some remain on the top lid and some transfer to the bottom lid, looking like quite a natural smokey (and slightly smudged) eyeshadow look.

Although I really love the CLIO Twisturn Eyeliner, after multiple tries, I have come to the conclusion that it doesn’t work on my oily eyelids – it’s still meshing with the oil to form something that’s like double eyelid glue. Sadness :: Thankfully, this Auto Gel Liner from The Face Shop is The Smokey Eye smudger (see, Korean products are good!)

I say…

I actually (surprisingly) like this.

  • It applies smoothly – check out the texture in the 3rd photo.
  • It is pretty damn rub proof.
  • It lasted for a good 4.5 hours before it commenced smudging.
  • Even after it smudged, it looked like I had applied eyeshadow instead – there was quite a natural well-blended dark/brown-black shade on my eye lids.  It really didn’t look like my eyeliner had smudged – I was much impressed.
  • It comes with a hidden sharpener at the bottom for convenient sharpening.
  • The twist mechanism is also pretty good- not too loose and not too tight to turn.
  • The cap stays on pretty firmly and doesn’t get dislodged in my makeup pouch (some of my products’ casings do that).
  • It has the intensity of a gel liner but the convenience of an auto one – saves you the hassle of having to bring around the extra brush and also of having to wash it.

I’d recommend that you get this – it’s quite a decent-performing gel eyeliner.


5 thoughts on “Review: The Face Shop Face It Styling Auto Gel Liner

  1. I’m not an eyeliner guru or anything but I have noticed if you put powder below the eyeliner that it wont run. Maybe give it a try? O_o couldn’t hurt.
    I love The Face Shop. Their products are amazing (& that’s how i found your blog XD) I have never tried their eyeliner. There’s so many different kinds and I never know which to use. I just use a transformer liquid on my eyeshadow so it turns into liner. @___@ saves so much money. Ah!

    Anyway, glad you like 😀

    • ooh. I have tried putting dark powder and liquid liner over a gel eyeliner but I haven’t tried putting powder beneath the eyeliner though. will try it out 😀

      What’s this transformer liquid you’re using? Sounds interesting! :O

  2. Thank you for this review!! I just ordered mine online and I’m excited to receive it! This was very helpful since I am a newbie when it comes to using eyeliner 🙂

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