Review: Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc

I’m not usually one to make a pun on names, but I can’t help myself for this one – someone have merci(er) on me, please. I set up this blog to express my frank opinions that usually don’t make it to magazine print, and this time, I’m gonna let it ripppppp – both the fart and the criticisms. hah.

One thing I notice about western products (to me, that means those that don’t come from Korea and Japan) is that they focus a lot on packaging – so much that I (and perhaps many consumers) get fooled into thinking that “woahhh this product is so shiny and pretty, it must work so well”.

At first glance, this Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc in Pink Mosaic is major makeup porn and totally worthy of splurging on. Just look at it.

Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc, Pink Mosaic – US$38

Disgustingly beautiful isn’t it? I definitely admit to drooling over it when I first received it :D~~

Using a finger to swatch it on my hand: L: under bright sunlight and R: indoor lighting. Note: multiple layers were applied for the colour to show.

Then comes the real test of mantle – actually using it with a brush.

WTF happened to my beautiful palette?! Note: This is just after ONE use. Perhaps the Makeup-destroying gnome attacked my palette while I blinked.

How it looks like on my hand. L: Using only the 3 lighter shades. R: Mixing all 4 shades. Note the powder grains that can be seen on the left side of my hand.

Just in case you couldn’t see the difference, I took a second shot from a higher angle. L: still only the 3 lighter shades and R: all 4 shades mixed.

I say…

I have so many peeves with this product that I hardly know where to begin.

  • It flakes so spectacularly. Look at the amount of debris  created after using it just one time with a soft big brush. It was as if my powder brush was an atomic bomb that hit the Shimmer Bloc – there really was a mushroom cloud of powder. More powder grains get onto my dressing table, hands and brush handle than on my actual face.
  • The powder grains are not fine and are large. Note the above picture where I said to take note of the powder grains on my hand.
  • The colour is barely visible. I had such a hard time trying to take the photo swatches, especially when I was using the brush. There I was, trying to not stain my beautiful camera with the powder grains (shimmer shows up like dust on a black camera), trying to capture the best lighting and holding my light reflector. That’s 3 actions for 2 hands.
  • As a blush – it’s not visible nor natural enough. I mean, who has brownish shimmery natural flushes on their cheeks?
  • As a highlighter – it’s not visible and too shimmery. Plus, the powder grains are so large that it makes my nose bridge look like a strawberry. Or kiwi, since the powder is too brown.
  • After applying it on my face, I tried really hard to get a decent photo, but nothing nice came out. It’s that hard to see – it’s not even natural looking. Gah.
  • There is no brush/sponge applicator included. I had such a bimbo moment when I first opened this Shimmer Bloc. There was a styrofoam square pad that was inside that I thought was the actual applicator, and I was like “woah so avant garde. But wouldn’t this be really rough on my skin?”. After using the product, I now know what it’s for – to stop the product from flaking like a snowstorm in the US.

The styrofoam piece that I thought was the sponge applicator. Yes, I know, major bimbo.

Since I’m on a rant, the mirror is also too damn small. If this were a small item, I’d totally forgive a small, or no mirror, but come on, with a 6.7cm x 6.7cm casing, a 4.4cm x 4.4cm mirror is way too small.

Clearly, I wouldn’t recommend this product at all. It leaves too much debris over everything, the colour is barely visible and needs so many layers that results in caking, and is in essence, much ado about nothing. In fact, I honestly would prefer to pinch my cheeks than to use this product as a blusher, and I’d totally just leave the unblotted oil on my face as a nose bridge highlighter than to use this.

No, no, no. Just no.


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