Travel: Visiting Sinchon / Ewha Women’s University in Seoul, Korea

If I ever grew some money-making balls, I’d totally set up a store in Sinchon 신촌, Seoul. It’s a stretch located near Ewha Women’s University이화여자대학교 , and every one knows that it’s so easy to earn our money. Hell, even I admit that my money is easy to be earned. Just implement some fancy blinged out disco ball  / cutesy pink fluff / zen all white-black-red  / hipster vintage / wild child animal print concept, hire a staff of pretty flower boys and sell food / coffee / trinklets. Best if the flower boys come with hawt hawt bodehs too. Drools.

Anyhoos, one of my favourite places in Seoul is Sinchon. I come here for fashion shopping and to do my hair. My reasoning is simple –  there’s so much competition here that if you aren’t happy with one shop, just pop over to the next one for better service and a better deal. Clothes here are reasonably priced and trendy – you can get decent clothes for just KRW5,000-30,000 (or more).

Touristy shot at the signboard, just because. The name of the station is a shortened version of the university name 이화여자대학교 ->이대

The really, really, really long escalator ride at the station – photos were taken in summer (left) and autumn (right). And yes, I like red.  Was it that obvious? hah.

random street sights of Sinchon

Does this mean… you have to be bald to enter? Or that hair is free for giving? Gotta love Konglish 😀

Reaching the end of the street – welcome to Ewha Women’s University!

Taken during two different seasons – top (summer) and bottom (autumn).

I love this part of the campus – an architecturally-created space. This place is freezing during autumn/winter , cos somehow this becomes an airflow channel. During summer, it’s super breezy though.

From L-R: me happily challenging the steps, then huffing and puffing my way up, and finally make it all the way to the top. Yes, I’m that unfit. No wait, I was that unfit.

You want a piece of me hurhurhur? Are yer feelin’ lucky, punkkkk? Nah, I think I was just cussing at my bro for not holding the camera strap properly, and thus resulting in the top right hand corner being obscured.

Entering the campus

A bank branch and banking facilities on campus.

They’ve even got a cinema on campus!

A real bakery with decent yummy buns and pastries is also available on campus – not like the half-assed one I used to go to during my poly days.

In fact, there’s also a stationery shop on campus that sells things such as keyboards, books, headphones and even double eyelid tape. There’s really no reason to leave campus actually. Perhaps that’s a clever ruse to keep students in.. muahaha.

I’m sure there’s a lot more to the campus that I haven’t explored / don’t dare to for fear of being accused of trespassing, so I just usually do my rounds and head back into Sinchon for some shopping. My former hair salon Cecica is also located here. (23 July 2016 Update: I no longer go to Cecica because my hair stylist Jei has moved over to Switch Hair Zone – I trust her that much).

23 July 2016 Update: Cecica- a hair salon I used to patronise, but no longer. I recommend Switch Hair Zone instead.

After the wash, you get a complimentary cut (so unlike Singapore where you have to pay for every single add-on). That’s my major awesome stylist Jei who does her job on 4-inch heels.

My very first perm in Sept 2011: Me after being hooked up to the octopus-like machine that perms my hair – I guess it helps keep my head up when I nod off to sleep.

From L-R: my naturally straight hair before the perm, immediately after the perm (an overnight flight + no rest + no check-in + 4 hour hair salon session = stupid face), and 3 months after the perm. Hair is still awesome.

I permed my hair again in March 2012. Even now, after my 2nd perm, my hair still looks awesome.

How much: Only 96,000 won (SGD 107). My friend did Magic Straight for just 120,000 won (SGD 134). See below for explanation of what Magic Straight is. However, don’t go to Orang Salon – we asked for price and it was 200,000 won for Magic straight. gasp.

Here’s a little more information on doing your hair in Korea 😀

Famous English-speaking salons

Since these salons are catered to English-speaking tourists, expect more jacked-up prices. But for those who can’t speak Korean, I guess they’re a safe bet.


Lucy Hair: 02-325-2225

Directions: Line 2 to Sinchon Station take Exit 1. Walk straight ahead until you reach Natuur Ice Cream shop and turn right. Approximately ½ block down on your left is a TWorld building Lucy Hair is on the 2nd floor.


Hair & Joy: 02-363-4253

Directions and more information available on website: Located in Hongdae off Line 2 at Hongik University Station Exit 8. Lucy (from above) came from this salon and prolly made enough to start up her own salon.


Juno Hair : Really popular and famous chain throughout Seoul. I’ve heard that celebrities go there to do their hair. More information


Toni & Guy: There are several locations throughout the Seoul Metro Area, find the one closest to you online at


Print and bring many pictures, preferably of Korean celebrities. They will have the typical Korean cut, and therefore it’s easier for the stylist to gauge what exactly you want. If you don’t have photos, fret not. Most salons should have this “consultation area” where they have scrapbooks of many pictures. All you have to do is it point. Cecica even had laptops so you could google for styles you want.


MAGIC STRAIGHT: aka rebonding – gives you straight hair

MAGIC VOLUME: Rebonding BUT the top parts near your roots are “bounced” up to give you volume. Same with your ends. Gives you an appearance of fuller hair, and isn’t flat against your head.

PERM / WAVE / WATER WAVE / C PERM: The style that I love the most. Gentle waves, not the ajumma (aunty) tight perms. However, the outcome depends on whether your hair is layered or not. The stylist should advise you accordingly.


My all-time favourite fresh-faced natural beauty goddess – Suzy!

My other favourite Hyosung from Secret – fleshy, not too skinny, gummy smile with smiley eyes, and of course, water-waved hair.

To be honest, I think these girls all have tonged-hair – meaning an actual stylist sitting next to them, but hey, you saw my pictures. A perm can also achieve this effect 😀

Hope that helps! 😀


9 thoughts on “Travel: Visiting Sinchon / Ewha Women’s University in Seoul, Korea

  1. Hi, is it easy to get Ewha Women University after we arrive at Ewha Women University Station? I wanna go there, but worry about getting lost 😀

    Then from Ewha Women University, what road that i need to follow to get Sinchon?

    • hi hi, it’s really really easy to get there. Just follow the stream of women walking – I am not kidding. 🙂 Or else, if you’re still worried, just refer to the map on the wall. or ask any passerby where is “ee-dae”.

      The Women’s University is at Sinchon. There’s no particular road – just wander around. The entire area is called Sinchon.

      Have fun! 😀

  2. Hi, how r u, im hsh , i came across yr blog that u mentions abt The really, really, really long escalator ride at the station , is this ewha station or sinchon station? Can u tell me so when I go during sept 13, I’ll need to go up with my heavy luggage :(from this station . Please let me know which exit is it? Thankyou very much:)

    • hi there, sorry for the late reply, I actually just got back from Korea. the long escalator is in ewha station, but it’s from the train platform to the level for you to tap out of the gantry. to get to the street level, you still need to take the stairs. 🙂

  3. hey – do you know if there are any places to get your makeup and hair done near ewha? not a haircut but just styled? then a place to get a passport sized photo? thanks!

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