Review: Sulwhasoo Evenfair Smoothing Makeup Base

I love free stuff – today, thanks to Samsung, I’ve got free tickets to watch Big Bang! I’m so glad I didn’t buy them (although I did join the mad online frenzy to try to get some for my friend).

Although Big Bang prolly won’t know I’m even there, it still doesn’t deter me from dressing up nicely to meet them. Deep down inside, the inner fangirl can not, and will not be repressed. Who knows, maybe I’ll bump into TOP in the carpark and we’ll fall in love and live happily ever after? muahahaha.

Anyhoos, in times like these, I cart out my awesome makeup items (read: those that are too expensive to be used on a daily basis). After my Sulwhasoo facial in Singapore some time ago, I fell further in love with the Evenfair range and bought all the items from that range. (because I’d already had my eye on these products when I was in Korea n March but was too broke to buy them).

I’ve previously reviewed the Sulwhasoo Evenfair Smoothing Foundation, and now is a slightly-overdue one on the base.

Sulwhasoo Evenfair Smoothing Makeup Base – KRW60,000

Swatching it: On the left – just spreading it out gently. On the right: after patting it in – you can barely see it 😀

It doesn’t settle into the fine lines of my hands and gives it a very subtle rosy glow.

And now, for comparison time!

After blending and patting in, you can barely see the Sulwhasoo Evenfair Smoothing Base (extreme left). The Laneige Water Supreme Primer Base has a more moist finish while the Hera Age Away Primer Base has a slightly more matte finish. Note that the whitish tones don’t make my face superbly white – it just evens out my skin tone so that the foundation / bb can sit better. Check out my previous reviews on the Laneige Water Supreme Primer Base and Hera Age Away Primer Base for more photos.

And voila, the finishing look! All 3 have blended in very nicely

I say…

Clearly, I love the Sulwhasoo Evenfair Smoothing Makeup Base.

  • It’s got a soft and light consistency.
  • It blends in well.
  • It settles in quickly but doesn’t cake, even with two layers of foundations on top (I know it’s extreme, but I like to put my makeup to the test).
  • It evens out my skintone.
  • It gives me a dewy rosy finish.
  • However, I have one pet peeve, and that’s with the packaging. Somehow, the twist cap doesn’t seem to be tight enough to keep the product in. If I leave it standing upright, it’ll overflow out of the tubea fter a few days. So now, I have to keep it standing upside down, or horizontally. Amore Pacific, why?!

If I had to state the differences between my primers:

  • Sulwhasoo Evenfair Smoothing Makeup Base: Best for daily use, when you have no blemishes.
  • Laneige Water Supreme Primer Base: Best for days when your skin is feeling sallow or you’re still hungover from last weekend’s boozing. It perks up your skin colour and also gives it extra moisture for that dewy I’m-still-a-human look.
  • Hera Age Away Primer Base: Best for days when you’re having those pre-period breakouts and need to cover your blemishes. It also brightens up your overall skin tone so that you don’t look like a grumpy PMS-zilla. The slightly more matte (but still dewy) finish helps to streamline your face and make it look less bloated.

Of course, all three bases / primers are awesome, so you can’t ask me to pick my favourite. I’m not like my mom – I don’t have a favourite child. ;p


4 thoughts on “Review: Sulwhasoo Evenfair Smoothing Makeup Base

    • I haven’t been to the counter in tangs yet but according to a friend who has, this product is available in Singapore. She tried it there too, and loves it. I’ll try to pop by one day when I have time – they haven’t had the official launch yet, that’s why I haven’t gone there 🙂

  1. Hi!!! i really like it!!!!! for use every day i think its very good product but i dont know if the color suit fine in my im very very white!!! this use like bb cream or before foundation????

    You so so so nice i really love youre blog and i read all time because its very interesting thanks so much!!! FIGHTING!!!!

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