Review: Sulwhasoo Evenfair Smoothing Foundation

Sometime last month, I was testing out some foundations and BB creams on my face and asked my mom to help me see which one was better. Being the typical Asian mom, her answer was “Woah. Eeew. Your face is so bumpy and uneven with so many spots! You’d better do something about it, like a facial or skincare products. So gross.”

So helpful, mom.

I muttered something about “did you think all the Sulwhasoo products on my table are just for display purposes” and stomped off to my room in a huff that would have rivalled an angsty 14-year-old going through puberty.

Since then, I’ve embarked on a major skin-resurfacing regime, and this is one of the products that do work.

Sulwhasoo Evenfair Smoothing Foundation – KRW60,000

One pump dispenses enough for the whole face

A glowy, dewy finish with good coverage that doesn’t settle into the fine lines of my skin

Comparing Sulwhasoo with my current favourite foundation, Laneige Water Supreme Foundation. Here you can see that Laneige is clearly more fluid in texture while Sulwhasoo is more creamy.

Spreading it out – here you can see the difference in consistency again

After blending out – I admit it’s really hard to see a difference (which means both are really awesome hurhurhur).  If I had to pinpoint several specific differences, it would be that Sulwhasoo has more coverage and glow.  My veins are more visible under the Laneige Water Supreme Foundation.

How I look after a full day’s work – wonderful coverage that didn’t drop off during the day

A close-up of the Sulwhasoo Evenfair Smoothing Foundation – a wonderful rosy glow, dewy finish, good coverage and not much caking.

I say…

Clearly this is vunderfullllll.

  • It gives really awesome coverage, and all you need is 1 pump. At the very most, 2 pumps.
  • It covers pimples, acne scars, and dark eye circles.
  • It gives a rosy glow and a dewy finish.
  • It has awesome oil control – I blotted about 75% less than I usually do.
  • The level of coverage doesn’t wane throughout the day.
  • It smoothens out my skin’s surface (especially those annoying parts with whiteheads and blackheads).
  • It isn’t too drying and has an appropriate amount of moisture in it without being too thick.

Updated: It DOES come with SPF25. But, I’m still using Sulwhasoo Renodigm Dual Care Cream with SPF30 and my other random suncreams to keep the harmful rays out. Plus, this one keeps my mom off my case, so I’m definitely keeping this one.

It’s surprisingly cheap for a Sulwhasoo item – KRW60,000 is SGD65.77 based on today’s rate. I say go get it – it’s totally value for money. Plus, even though the exterior box packaging isn’t eye-catching, it comes in such a pretty gold bottle.


15 thoughts on “Review: Sulwhasoo Evenfair Smoothing Foundation

  1. Hi, sulwhasoo foundation vs laneige bb cushion – which has more coverage, glow, oil control ? I’m deciding between this 2 foundation

    • Hey Jolie,

      Definitely the Sulwhasoo foundation – it has more coverage, oil control and glow. It also takes a lot longer to oxidise.

      The Laneige BB Cushion is very lightweight and glowy, but coverage is not as much as the Sulwhasoo foundation. In addition, since it’s so lightweight, there’s not much oil control either.

      I usually use both with a light dusting of loose powder. The Laneige BB Cushion is usually gone after 4 hours or so while the Sulwhasoo foundation lasts the whole day 🙂

      • Thanks for your details information. It’s really very helpful 🙂 I’m interested in sulwhasoo products. Any recommend products for beginners? I have sensitive & acne prone skin.

      • Hey Jolie,

        My friend has sensitive skin as well, and we bought her a bottle of the First care Serum for her birthday. She loves it and has had no bad reaction to it, so I’d suggest you start with that first. 🙂

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  4. Hi Dalja, I’m glad to have found your blog. I’m a Filipina who have ended my relationship with western cosmetic brands. Maybe, I gave up so soon and have not done enough research and trials but my oily, with large pores face has surrendered much earlier than my beauty fighting spirit. I am now so in-love with Korean beauty products though I only have a few. I am using Sulwhasoo First Care Serum and their Snowise Brightening BB base. I would like to buy a foundation and I choose Evenfair Smoothing Foundation based on your review. Your skin looks amazing even after a day’s work. Do you think the foundation would be enough for a wedding day make-up? Do you think it will cover large pores?

    • Hi Ahyela,

      I don’t think the Evenfair Smoothing Foundation will be good enough for a wedding day , cos it’s pretty glowy, so since you have oily skin (me too!), it might oxidise halfway through and not look so good. Instead, I’d recommend the Hera HD Fix foundation – great coverage and slightly less glow so that when your natural sebum does come out, it won’t oxidise that badly and look that bad 🙂 it should cover pores too, but if you still need more coverage, just dust on some loose powder over and it should give a pretty good finish.

      I’ve reviewed the Hera Hd Fix foundation here –>

      • Thanks for your time and opinion. You’ve convinced me not to go with Sulwhasoo for the big day. I think it’s the SPF in it that gives that glow or flash especially when photographed and Hera Hd has a lower SPF in it so it’s less flashy. I love the coverage of Hera on you. You did a great review and now it’s time for me to think again and decide! Thanks again.

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