Review: CLIO Waterproof Pencil Liner Kill Black

Considering the number of eyeliners I bought back from Korea, I’m still confused as to how I ended up having to pay for 5kg of extra baggage at the airport.  I mean, they’re just eyeliners… how heavy can they get?! I could have bought so many more eyeliners with that KRW75,000 that I paid. grumbles.

Anyhoos, here’s one of the eyeliners I carted back from CLIO.

CLIO Waterproof Pencil Liner Kill Black – KRW12,000

This also comes with an in-built sharpener at the end – forgot to take a photo of it.

I say…

I’m glad to have found a good alternative to my Holika Holika Magic Waterproof Deep Eye Eyeliner. This CLIO one has a deeper and richer black, so it’ll be more apt for nights.

L: Single stroke, R: Multiple strokes

  • This is really, really rub-proof. My usual in-store test is to swatch it on the back of my hands and then try to rub it off. This one just wouldn’t budge off. The intensity didn’t even drop by 10%.
  • I’ve long given up hope of any eye pencil staying put on my upper lid. This one, as strong as its staying power is, also smudges when combined with my oily eyelids. However, it does stay significantly longer than the rest of the eye pencils I’ve tried.
  • Also, what I’ve learnt from 8 hours of non-stop translation for Amore Pacific super senior makeup artist Choi Jung Hwan is that I can draw the upper line with a pencil, and then use a contoured brush to smudge it out slightly and extend the line. This gives a more natural look and also helps it to stay longer also.
  • When applied on the under eye lash line – woah. It stays. and stays. There’s slight smudging but not of the panda or racoon standards.
  • I’ll still stick with a liquid liner for the top lids, and a pencil one for the bottom lash line.

Buy this nao nao nao!


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