Review: CLIO Twisturn Waterproof Turnliner

I have mixed reactions towards Lee Hyori – on one hand, she’s not the most honourable athelete. If you’ve watched the first few episodes of Running Man, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Seriously, what’s with the hair pulling? This isn’t a bitch fight, girlfriend. It’s just a variety show. It’s not even close to being competitive or good sportsmanship.

On the other hand, she’s oh-so-ridiculously sexy and smoking and not the typical Girls’ Generation act-cute girl. She’s also not your typical run-of-the-mill plastic barbie churned out by one of the many plastic surgery clinics at Apgujeong. And damn, she is so damned sexy!

Plus, she is dating this supposedly “ugly” guy whom many feel are not worthy of her, showing that she does see beyond the person’s facade. I give it to her – to be very honest, even I wouldn’t go for such a guy (based on looks alone).

She is also known for having some of the best smokey eyed looks since she’s all sex goddess.

However, I think this is also what made me give in – her advertising for my favourite soju – hey, I’ve already said before that I’m a sucker who’s easily fooled by overly-photoshopped advertisements.

Hey, if I drink a crate of soju a month, I could end up like her. or not.  Maybe if the men all drank a crate of soju a day, I’d look like this in their drunken haze. More awesome soju advertisements of Lee Hyori here and here.

When I was in Korea last week, I noticed a few new shops in my second home Myeongdong, including a standalone CLIO boutique store. Of course I had to go in and wipe everything off its shelves. Here’s one of my purchases.

CLIO Twisturn Waterproof Turliner – KRW16,000

When you first get it, there’s a ring lock on the eyeliner. You have to remove it, and then jam down the ink into the rest of the body to get the juices flowing.

The range of colours for the CLIO Twisturn Eyeliner – I bought it in Urban Black and Club Grey (will add a swatch of this soon!)

The colour intensity of these look a little too rich. I suspect there might have been at least 5-8 layers applied. Check out my swatch below for a more accurate representation.

I say…

I love and hate this eyeliner at the same time.

  • It’s immensely rub-proof.
  • It’s got a good colour intensity.
  • It comes with really miniscule glitter specks for that subtle glow and sheen.
  • It also has long staying power – about 6 hours on average.
  • It doesn’t flake off or smudge that badly either.
  • However, its formula doesn’t seem to sit well with me – when combined with the oil secretion from my eyelids, it forms a somewhat sticky substance that’s similar to double eyelid glue. I find my double eyelids either sticking too closely to each other, or a brand new double eyelid line is formed.
  • The twist mechanism is also a little wonky. I can twist the end and hear the click-stop go off 2-3 times and yet nothing comes out. Just 1 more click, and woosh, a giant blob of ink comes out. Plus, because it’s a smooth surface, sometimes I can’t get a good enough grip on the end twist-tip.
  • Also, although it says it’s waterproof and resists all my efforts at rubbing it off and stays put under running water, it comes off SUPER EASILY when I use a wet tissue. Strange.

I’m not sure how to rectify the whole situation about the double eyelid glue formation though.. Once my eye infection goes away, perhaps I’ll add on some eyelid primer beforehand. Will keep you guys updated!

Meanwhile, if you don’t have eyelids worthy of propelling you to Dubai oil-induced wealth, I”d totally recommend you get this – it’s a worthy alternative to my favourite Laneige Natural Eyeliner. I’m selling off an extra one that I bought (but in a different shade of Club Grey) if anyone’s interested 😀

Updated: More swatches for those who’re not sure what to buy 🙂

My previous review on Laneige Natural Eyeliner can be found here 🙂


4 thoughts on “Review: CLIO Twisturn Waterproof Turnliner

  1. Looks like it’s a similar concept to Majolica Majorca Auto Liner? Have you tried that before? The MajoMajo one dries up pretty fast, has no sticky substance and it twist smoothly. But it flakes off within hours. Nothing is perfect I guess :S

    Did you get the CLIO Gelpresso? I’m aiming that 🙂 Points added to sexy Lee Hyori though lol

    • A lot of liners these days are using these twist concepts.. think it’s getting popular.

      Yup I’ve tried the MJ one before.. doesn’t stay long and colour isn’t that intense. So far my favourite is still the Laneige one – 찜질방-proof, tried and tested 😀

      Yup I got the Gelpresso too! Am testing out a couple more eye items before I hold an opening ceremony for that hehe

  2. Hi, may I know if the laneige natural eyeliner tip is fine and sturdy?
    Is the brown colour dark?
    Between this laneige one and the clio professional brush liner that you reviewed awhile ago, which one do you prefer/recommend? 🙂
    I’m new to liquid liners. :/

    • Hi hi,
      I’ve uploaded a photo comparing the two brush tips specially for you – read my post above? Both are really similar in terms of texture and flexibility.

      I’ve also uploaded a photo with the various colour swatches so you can compare. The brown’s not really dark, but a natural chocolatey brown. If you layer it on, it can look relatively black.

      Since you’re new to liquid liners, I’d suggest the CLIO professional brush liner between the two. Sorry I didn’t upload a comparison swatch of it cos I left it at home. The CLIO one doesn’t require any twist-dispensing, so you won’t encounter blobs of ink that may be hard to blend out or may cake on your eyelids. Another good one for liquid liner newbies would be the Loreal Super Liner – this was one of the first few I used, and it’s really good. It’s easy to control, doesn’t smudge much and has good colour intensity.

      Once you’ve leveled up your eyeliner drawing skills, you can switch to the Laneige one. It’s still one of my most preferred eyeliners.

      Actually I’ve also bought a few other liquid eyeliners that are marker tips – they seemed quite promising at the store but I’ve yet to try them. My reviews should be up in a couple of weeks after my trial runs, so check back often to see if there’s anything else suitable for you? 😀

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