Review: Burberry Lip Mist & Lip Cover

My jaw is so sore from last night’s exertions – all the chatting and smiling and yes, the politically correct replies to “So, how’s work lately?”. People, work is work… how else would you want me to answer that?

In between that, I was also giving…  giving directions to hapless cabbies and trying to get a good firm grip… to steal the plate of food off a server at Fullerton Bay Hotel (the restaurant captain’s got realllly sharp eyes) .

It’s really no wonder that my lips are so swollen – akin to Angelina Jolie’s – which explains my sudden urge to pucker up. Not for a kiss, but rather, to holler out a long-drawn agonising “nooooooooooooo……………………..” to any more event invites.

To make sure that I get the right message across, I’ll be choosing between the Burberry Lip Mist and Lip Cover.

Burberry Lip Mist in Stormy Pink No. 208

The top lip has nothing on, and the bottom lip is Lip Mist-ed – The cool red tone of the Stormy Pink suits my skin tone slightly better.

  • It’s glossy – it seems to be a solid lip gloss rather than a lipstick.
    It’s easy to apply and glides on smoothly.
  • It doesn’t settle into the fine lines of the lips.
  • It plumps up my lips.

And now, for the next candidate – the Burberry Lip Cover Primrose Hill Pink No. 30

As before – the top lip has nothing on while the bottom lip has No. 30 Lip Cover on- The warm red clashes slightly with my skin tone and makes me look yellowish

  • It gives good colour and cover.
  • It’s smooth and easy to apply.
  • It’s not as glossy as the Lip Mist.
  • It tends to accentuate the chapped lips slightly, but still an acceptable level.

Yes the presentation is majorly luxe – brand-consistent checkered print embossed into both the casing and the lipstick itself. To be honest, I’d buy it simply for the packaging since I’m so aesthetically driven (a long way of saying I’m shallow and go for outer appearances). Thankfully, the lipsticks put up a decent performance, so I’d say get one. I’ve heard that the nude’s pretty decent. That’s probably one of the few nudes that I can put up with – nude men are so gross with their bits hanging out. I’d much rather have my man topless in just jeans. sexayyyyy.


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