Event: My Super Sulwhasoo Facial

If there’s one thing I’m proud of, it’s my willpower (although my boobs and wit would tie for a close second place).

It gives me the power to do insane things like going to work at 5.45am even though I’d just touched down from some trip at 1am. It gives me the strength to work  for 20 hours. I’ve also gone to work despite having major gastric flu, periodically vomitting every 15-30 minutes. (To be honest, I was pretty unwilling to work – I was forced by my then-boss to turn up. Tsk tsk.)
Anyhoos, last Friday I was down with major cramps, the kind with paralysing pain and you just sit there whimpering for mommy while covered up in two hoodies. But hey, what’s a little pain compared with the awesomeness of a Sulwhasoo facial? Plus, I figured that with a pick-up from doorstep to doorstep, even if I passed out, someone would notice my corpse.

After doping myself up with evening primrose oils and Panadol pinks, I made my way to Sentosa Capella.

On the fancy schmancy Beamer that was sent to pick me up – a photobook of Sulwhasoo which was pure Sulwhasoo product-porn and major orgasm-worthy for a Sulwhasoo maniac like me.

While waiting at the lobby of Capella

Stepping off the buggy – we has arrived at the “makeshift” Sulwhasoo Facial House!

Now, I use the word “makeshift” in quotation marks because clearly, Amore Pacific Korea has more sense than to establish its facial facilities on Sentosa. However, it was so well set up that it seemed to be a permanent fixture rather than one set up for just a couple of weeks. The detailing was immaculate, and that coming from OCD me is high praise.

Red ginseng tea as our welcome drink. This was my salvation of the day. It alleviated all my cramps and took away my jelly legs. The little cup at the top right hand corner had honey, but I like my teas au naturel – no added flavourings. The taste was so awesome that I’ve just asked my Korean gf to help me buy back from Korea. US$27 for 100 sachets. Sheesh.

Now the next few photos might not be as clear as my usual photos, cos they were taken in a hurry. I had a 5-minute window when my therapist left the room to let me change, so I had to hastily shoot and get ready. You know, I can’t let people see me shooting cos I had to pretend to be cool.

The cutest little Korean pouch to place my accessories

My robe on the left, and the accessory pouch on the right – blurred photo but just to show the size comparison

The bathroom – HOLY MOTHER OF SULWHASOO. Check out the details on the mirror – they’ve even stuck the brand name onto it.

They’ve got everything you could possibly need – even contact lens solution and casing, a new hairbrush, and Sulwhasoo’s 6-year-old red ginseng soap and candle.

Omg orgasmic Sulwhasoo product porn in real life! Sulwhasoo’s latest range of makeup – the Evenfair range (primer, foundation and powder). In the top left hand corner is also the Hydro-aid Moisturizing Lifting UV Protection Cream (in blue) and the Lumitouch Lip Care (orange tube, lying flat).

Another picture simply because I was so happy muahaha!

Sulwhasoo face towels!

Fluffy and soft Sulwhasoo bath towels. Mustnotstealthemmustnotstealthem.

The covered-up bathtub area with lovely roses

The bed upon which my skin will receive awesome ginseng and herbal pampering. The giant tv had Sulwhasoo’s brand story playing on it (but at really dog ear-worthy levels).


A poster of one of Sulwhasoo’s most popular items – The First Care Serum. I’m on my third bottle already! Notice that even the windows and the lights have been embossed with the Sulwhasoo motifs.

At the head of my bed under the poster of the First Care Serum – a trolley of Sulwhasoo goodies which my therapist would be using. I was so tempted to just wheel the whole thing home. Again – mustnotstealthismustnotstealthis.

Some decorations at the door – herbs used in Sulwhasoo products.

After this, the therapist came in and did her thang. I can’t really remember clearly what happened cos I was in a Sulwhasoo-induced haze of happiness. It should have been somewhere along the lines of:

  • Cleansing
  • Exfoliating
  • Massaging
  • Complimentary eyebrow shaping (not sure if it’s part of the package or cos we were conversing in Korean and my therapist decided to throw me a free one)
  • First Care Serum
  • Emulsion/moisturiser
  • Face mask
  • Lip mask
  • Letting me snooze for a bit with some aromatherapy in the background
  • Cold massage (with some tools)
  • Warm massage (with some other tools)
  • Neck, shoulder and upper back massage
  • Cleansing
  • Moisturizing

As you know, I don’t like to post photos of myself unless it serves a specific purpose (that, and I’m a terrible camwhore who therefore pooh-poohs other camwhores). Here’s a photo of my face, post-Sulwhasoo facial, sans makeup.

I AM A KPOP STAR! Look at my face – it’s glowing, dewy, smooth, fairer, and even my stupid dark eye circles seem acceptable for once.

Sulwhasoo will be launching their products exclusively at Tangs in Sept (I think), and their facial spa will be up by the end of this year. I heard that everything will be brought in, except for the whitening range, which is a pity. Their whitening products are really good. Some of my colleagues (those aged 30-40ish) bought the whitening range on my recommendation and are now seeing lessened pigmentation and spots.

I’m surprised that their mark-ups aren’t as exorbitant as I’d expected.

The First Care Serum (now renamed as First Care Activating Serum) is only $106. I bought mine for just KRW80,000 (SGD90ish).  The Sulwhasoo Firming Cream (now renamed as Essential Firming Cream) is SGD108 vs KRW90,000 (SGD99). Here’s the link to Sulwhasoo prices at Tangs.



2 thoughts on “Event: My Super Sulwhasoo Facial

    • hi Angel, Sulwhasoo’s facials are available at Tangs, Seviin, but you’ll have to call Sulwhasoo to book. They have various types:
      1/ Sulwhasoo Timetreasure Perfecting Facial, 75 min – $280.00
      2/ Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Rejuvenating Facial, 75 min – $220.00
      3/ Sulwhasoo Snowise Illuminating Facial, 60 min – $180.00.
      You can call 6736 0339 for your appointment 🙂

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