Shiseido Maquillage Automatic Eyeliner

One of the greatest pleasures in life is being able to rub your eyes. Well, that’s one of mine. There’s just something so extremely satisfying about being able to rub the balls… eyeballs. Perhaps this is how guys feel when they rub / cup their balls. Hmmm.

Anyway, when I’ve got makeup on, I clearly can’t rub my eyes, so I’ve gotta do the next best thing – squinting my eyes shut and let the eye muscles, nerves and balls do their work. It’s little twitchy bad habits like these that put my makeup to the test. Unfortunately, this Maquillage Automatic Eyeliner didn’t make it past these obstacles.

In a luxe gun metal grey casing that gives a good weight for a firm grip


Lovely geometric details on the twist-open cap of the eyeliner; soft brush tip that doesn’t poke your eyelashes out

A promising deep, rich, glossy black

Unfortunately, it didn’t stand up to my rub test. I let the eyeliner dry for quite a while (as I went about setting up my lightbox and taking all these photos), and then rubbed it gently with one finger – you know, the way most girls would test the eyeliners instores.


I say…

This was such a waste. I really liked it because:

  • It had a twist-open cap so it wouldn’t accidentally come loose in my makeup pouch.
  • Its metal casing gives it a good weight so that you’ll get a good grip – you know, none of that plasticky feel.
  • Its brush tip is so soft and is a perfect size for drawing that eyeline.
  • It comes with a click dispenser at the end for moderate eyeliner ink dispensing.
  • It also has the “shaker” thingamajig in the eyeliner for you to even out the ink.
  • The colour is such a beautiful rich black glossy colour.
  • It dries quickly too.


  • It feathers slightly.
  • It’s so easily smudged by a simple light finger rub.
  • It’s also easily removed by water.
  • Its ink smudges so badly after just 2 hours. If I ever were to make it to running man, my animal persona would prolly be the raccoon or panda.

To be honest, I’m not sure if it’s just my oily eyelids being a prissy bitch and rejecting this eyeliner though… If you’ve got less oily lids, I’d totally recommend that you get this.



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