Review: Laneige Water Bank Fresh Powder Mist

Sometimes, I think we’re not descendants of apes. Instead, I think we’re descendants of grapes. Without water, we’ll end up shrivelled and dry like a raisin.  That’s why I drink a whole lot of water everyday. But sometimes, it’s not enough, cos it goes straight to the belly and not to the skin.

Plus with all the hours I spend on planes, my skin tends to be more dehydrated. That’s why I’ve recently started investing in facial mists. I love my Sulwhasoo Hydro-Air Moisturising Lifting Mist, but it’s a bit too pricey to be used on a daily basis. It’s like how the British Queen only carts out her Crown Jewels once in a while.

After yoga, I’ll use The Face Shop Crystal Water Cooling Mist for (duh) cooling down my skin. When I’m in the office, I alternate between a few. Here’s one that I use in the office.

Laneige Water Bank Fresh Powder Mist – SGD16.50 (bought from and includes shipping)

Remember to shake the bottle thoroughly before using it, cos the powder will settle at the bottle.

Just one spritz dispenses a good amount of mist

After letting it set and patting it in – a very smooth, moisturised and matte finish

I say…

Get this, get this, get this!

It utilises the same cooling technology that so many Korean brands are using these days. It’s supposed to bring down your skin surface temperature by 1-2 degrees celsius. (I’ve got the Laneige Cool Stay Powder and I haven’t done a review yet)

  • Your skin is cooler.
  • Your skin is also more moisturised and firm with a boing-boing effect.
  • There’s a smooth velvety powder finish.
  • You can use this to set your makeup or foundation.
  • It’s so damned affordable.
  • It comes in a convenient size for carrying around. It also fits the airline regulations of 100ml – it’s only 60ml.

Buy it nao nao nao!


3 thoughts on “Review: Laneige Water Bank Fresh Powder Mist

    • hey siaw, sorry for the late reply! I was overseas during the weekend and was too cheap to subscribe to 3G overseas data heh. Anyway, this is more of a “setting” product and a “refresher” – I use it at the end of the makeup routine to set it, or halfway through the day to refresh my makeup (make it look less caked). Sometimes, I’ll use it before re-applying my makeup in the office at the end of the day if i’m going out. 🙂

      • I got a bottle of their Water Bank Mineral Skin Mist yesterday. Wanted the one that you reviewed here but the Laneige BA told me that they don’t have the said product at the counter here in Brunei.

        I got it more or less the same price that you got yours from online. Wanted to buy it online but then the custom restrictions here in Brunei are so strict. Hence, don’t wanna risk splurging and ended up the products being confiscated for further investigation at Ministry of Health.

        But thanks for the reply anyway.

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