Review: Laneige Water Supreme Finishing Pact

I’m not sure if it was the hormonal imbalance caused by sexy gyrating men in Magic Mike or it’s simply the bad weather – I’m having a breakout! I seldom get breakouts, so when I do get them, of course I switch into drama  mama mood and go bonkers.

Besides googling for methods on how to grow a beard so that I can hide my chin pimples (urban myth has it that rubbing XO works), I also switch around my makeup routine slightly. Tough times call for tougher makeup, which means I need more coverage than the average army boy in the jungle.

However, I also don’t want to look like the birthday girl who got her face smashed into her cake, so this is a tricky one.  My current weapon of choice is the Laneige Water Supreme Finishing Pact.

Laneige Water Supreme Finishing Pact – SGD55

Shade 1 Light Beige

Looking relatively untouched… because I have two sets of this. Yes, I have obsessive compulsive hoarding problems too.

Ooh baybeh you’re so fine.

Before blending and patting in – you can barely see the powder cos it’s so fine

I intentionally didn’t draw the dividing line so that you could see how naturally it blends into my skin.

I say…

Get this, fo’ sure.

  • It’s so fine that it can be compared with Chanel’s powder. I am not kidding.
  • It smells good.
  • It gives good coverage, and an almost velvety and poreless finish.
  • Minimal blending is required.
  • It doesn’t cake much- which is essential since I don’t want to draw attention to my pimples by building it into a mound of powdered pus.
  • There isn’t much oxidisation either.

It’s a shame about the price tag though – as you know, I buy everything from Korea since it’s half the price there.


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