Review: Laneige Snow BB Essence Balm

I like cake. In fact, I adore cake, especially the Awfully Chocolate Chocolate Banana one. However, the only way I like my cake is in my belly, not on my face. Cream and chocolate are so hard to remove, plus food fights are such a waste of good food.

Of course, that’s also why I prefer non-cakey makeup – lighttweight, buildable and breathable is the way I go. The lesser layers of artificial beautifying overpriced products I put on my face, the better.

Some time in 2011, I was told by a good friend that she really loves this. After listening to her rave on and on, me being the typical impressionable and gullible consumer, I went out and got it.

Laneige Snow BB Essence Balm – SGD55

Such a pretty reflective compact cover case – it’s a bitch to take a photo of it though. I was going all ninja-vampire trying to avoid having my reflection in it.

Shade 2 Natural BB – to me, it’s not so natural baby.

I say…

The colour disparity aside, I’m not a fan of this product (though I’m madly in love with other Laneige products).

  • It cakes easily.
  • It settles into the fine lines of my skin.
  • It has a slight yellowish tinge, and the other shade 1 is too fair.
  • The consistency is kinda like a solidified foundation, which makes it slightly hard to blend.
  • Application with the sponge results in makeup sponge lines on your face. To cover it, you’ll have to apply a bit more of the Balm.
  • It has decent coverage, but tends to highlight your flaws (open pores, recovering pimple scabs etc) instead of hiding them.
  • It does give a very, very slight dewy finish. I find that it actually dulls my skin tone down instead of brightening it.
  • On the bright side, it smells good.

To me, this feels like a yet-to-be-perfected version of their Snow BB Soothing Cushion – for an extra $4, I say get the Snow BB Soothing Cushion instead. BB Cushions are the new in thing.  Or for the same $55, get the Water Supreme Foundation.

In any case, don’t get this. It’s just not worth the money. Right now, I don’t know what to do with mine… sigh.


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