Review: FacePerm Artist Auto Pat

Every woman should have a toy that vibrates. It’s even better if it’s shiny and glossy and has a sleek handle for better control. The higher the vibration level, the better. Mine goes at 12,000 times per minute. Oh and I personally prefer them in darker colours to avoid stains. Plus, the size of the head shouldn’t be too big or too small.  Today, it is with great pleasure that I reveal to you what I’ve only been using in the privacy of my bedroom…

FacePerm Artist Auto Pat Vibrating foundation applicator

What did you think it was gonna be hurhurhur? :p

This is the current IT thing in Korea – basically, instead of using your fingers to pat foundation into your skin, you just need this vibrating foundation puff to help set your foundation.

When applied by hand, it looks a little splotchier and thicker, while the foundation applied by the Auto Pat seems airbrushed on. You can barely notice it.

Voila! Convinced much?

The instructions say to apply it directly on to the puff, but I feel that I’ll waste quite a lot of foundation that way. I  usually smear the foundation on my face using a brush, and then use the puff to spread it evenly.

It comes with washable and removable puffs…

…and changeable batteries.

I say…

Get it!

  • It is clean and hygienic – no dirty fingers = no pimples.
  • No worries about a lack of foundation brush-wielding skills. In fact, no worries about not having a brush set too!
  • You’ll get an even, airbrushed, almost professional-looking finish.
  • It’s easy to clean and wash,  just drown the puff into a small tub of detergent and gently massage it till all the foundation/bb comes out. Dries really fast too.
  • It massages your skin at the same time to promote blood circulation and therefore healthier skin.
  • It saves you time that you’d usually spend trying to blend in your foundation.

You don’t neccessarily have to get the exact same one I have though – this trend is really popular in Korea, so a lot of the beauty brands have it.  The technology is the same, but the packaging and vibration level differs. My FacePerm Auto Pat goes at 12,000/minute. Some sell the vibrating applicator alone while others bundle them with BB creams or foundations.

But I have to recommend that you get one with a pointed/smaller head so that it can reach the corners of your nose. The one I use now has a rounded head so it’s hard to get into the corners. I end up using my fingers (yes yes, rub it in my face, literally).

BRTC set- 12,000x/minute

Hanskin Super Moving Touch 한스킨진동비비 – comes with a special BB cream pact that has a special dispenser. Just press down on the top “platform” and it’ll squeeze out some BB cream.

O Hui also uses the same BB cream dispensing system

O Hui Auto Cream Foundation Set

It’s Skin Real Touch BB Facer – comes without a BB Cream

This super luxe-looking Enprani Face Designer Auto Pat is tempting me. It even comes with a special BB cream dispenser. My makeup artist friends always tell me not to use fingers to apply the foundation or BB cream cos the heat will mess with its consistency. But since I’ve already bought the following item…

Hera Auto Fitting BB Cream Set

Yes, my precious Hera~ I bought this about a month ago but haven’t opened it yet.. yes yes, my usual issues with opening new products stand.  It comes with a BB pact. a gel essence and a vibrating applicator. what’s more, the applicator has a pointed tip so it can reach more corners of your face.

But soon.. very soon, I’ll be opening this set…


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