Review: Laneige Water Supreme Primer Base

The saying “New broom sweeps clean” doesn’t quite apply to me – a more apt version would be “Keep new broom in storage, take it out to admire and caress daily, but never use it to actually sweep any dust”.

I have a problem opening up new products to use.  My good friend is majorly flabbergasted at this – “You have so many new things and yet you don’t use them?? Are you waiting for them to grow in monetary value before you resell them?”

I can’t pinpoint my problem though – I just prefer to see them in their original condition, pristine and untouched. Anyway, over the weekend I decided to hold a grand opening ceremony (for one guest – me) for this product.

Laneige Water Supreme Primer Base – SGD55

As usual, all Romeo (Amore Pacific’s Makeup Artist) had to casually mention that it was good, and there goes my money like panties at a rock concert.

It comes in the following three shades:

Light Pink : To increase rosiness and give an overall glow

Light Purple: To correct sallow / yellowish skin

Light Green: For correcting redness /splotchy skin

Romeo recommended that I get the light pink, for my seemingly-souless white vampiric skin tone.

Seeing as a plain review is overdone and I’ve suddenly got a burst of energy from eating too many Ferrero Roches,  I’ve decided to do a comparison review again (I’ve previously done one for The Battle of the BB Cushions and one on Laneige Air Light Foundation vs Laneige Water Supreme Foundation)

Today’s primer face-off : Will the Laneige Water Supreme Primer Base pound Hera’s Age Away Primer Base? 

Anddddd first blood is drawn! They look pretttyyyy much the same, don’t they?

Spread it good baybeh… The primers, not anything else, you dirty, dirty people 😛

As you can see, Laneige is (as it’s aptly named) more watery, while Hera is a tad bit more concentrated.

After several long and lingering strokes, it was in… set nicely in to my skin (ah ha. gotcha again!)

This photo shows the differences more clearly – Laneige is a little more translucent while Hera has a more opaque finish.

After more petting.. no, patting, this is how the primers measure up.

Anddd for the final knock-out round, I’ve applied the Laneige Water Supreme Foundation on top of the primers to see how they perform.  This above photo is before any blending is done.

After blending… it really looks more or less the same, doesn’t it?

I say…
It’s such a close photo finish (literally) between the two primers! They are so alike in so many aspects. They are both:

  • lightweight
  • easily absorbed
  • give good coverage
  • evens out skin tone
  • covers imperfections
  • have a glowy dewy finish
  • SPF15 PA+
  • value for money – just one pump is enough for your whole face

However, if I must list the differences…

Laneige Water Supreme Primer Base

  • Has a nice fragrance
  • Has a more translucent (and yet with good coverage) finish that is suitable for normal daily wear.
  • Easier (of the two) to blend in, because of its more watery base. However, this means slightly less coverage.

Hera Age Away Primer Base

  • Smells neutral
  • Has a more opaque finish that is suitable for long days (>12 hours)
  • Tougher (of the two) to blend in, because of its more opaque texture. You’ll have to make sure there aren’t any unblended white/light pink spots on your face.

Just pick one based on your preferences – Hera’s Age Away Primer Base has 5-10% more coverage than Laneige Water Supreme Primer Base, but also requires 5-10% more blending effort. In any case, you can’t go wrong with either one 😀


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