Review: The Face Shop Face It Moisture Fitting Primer

I have itchy fingers. Whenever I see a blackhead or zit on my face, I just cannot help but pick at it (obsessively), despite all the beauty and skincare advice I’ve received from numerous makeup artists, skincare experts and scientists from all the makeup brands. That, combined with years of working in air-conditioned offices have resulted in my skin undergoing an onion phase. OMG someone stop the peelinggggg.

On the bright side,  I attempt to repair the damage with plenty of skincare, especially the moisture-replenishing ones. The word “moisture” jumps out like the word “sale” to me.  When I saw this, it totally zoomed to the top of my “postpone touching up your hair roots, just buy this now” list.

The Face Shop Moisture Fitting Primer

I’m not sure why this swab in the above (stolen-off-the-internet) photo is tinted. This is how it really looks like.

Applying it on my bare skin

Trying it on with the Laneige Air Light Foundation, which I previously reviewed and noted that it had a more matte finish than the Laneige Water Supreme Foundation.

I say…

Get it, get it, get it! Even my Korean girlfriends are recommending it (and that’s saying something since they come from a country with so, so, so many skincare product brands).

  • It’s easily absorbed even though it has a thicker consistency – slightly more creamy than emulsion.
  • It gives a lovely dewy glow.
  • It has a wonderful cooling feeling on the skin.
  • My skin felt more moist for a longer period in the office.
  • My skin also felt softer and smoother.
  • It’s lightweight and not sticky.
  • It makes your skin slightly fairer by just 5-10% – a believable difference so that you don’t show up on photos like Ju-on.
  • It helps prep your skin so that your foundation or BB cream sits better.

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