Review: Sulwhasoo Extra Refining Emulsion

This is yet another baby step in my (financially bankrupting) goal of owning every single item from Sulwhasoo by the end of 2012. I finally bought my first item from the Extra Refining (read: higher-end and more expensive) range – the Extra Refining Emulsion. I’ve also bought the Extra Refining Eye Cream for an exorbitant SGD300+ but haven’t started using it cos I’m still using the Basic line eye cream.

Sulwhasoo Extra Refining Emulsion – KRW110,000 (approx SGD121) – now rebranded as Sulwhasoo TimeTreasure Perfecting Emulsion

Isn’t it just so beautiful and luxurious? The promise of youthful bouncy firm skin never looked more well packaged.

Liquid, milky and lightweight emulsion

How my skin looks immediately after applying the emulsion

How my skin looks after it’s absorbed (about 3-5 seconds later). Not sure if you can notice, but the side without the emulsion looks drier while the side with the emulsion looks smoother, has less lines and was much softer to the touch.

I say…

I love it! However, get it only if you’ve got extra cash to spare. At SGD121, it really isn’t the most affordable emulsion around. However, it’s definitely worth the money.

  • It’s lightweight and milky – making it easily to spread over your face and is so, so easily absorbed.
  • There’s no sticky residue.
  • It smells majorly ginsengy and herby – perfect for pre-bedtime aroma therapy.
  • Your skin feels soft and smooth after usage.
  • It helps to seal in the goodness of the First Care Serum and yet still provides a good base for the serums to be added on.
  • After several weeks of usage, your pores get smaller. *hurray!*

My recommended usage will be:

  1. First Care Serum 
  2. Emulsion [I previously used the Basic Line Balancing Emulsion]
  3. Whitening Serum OR Moisturising Serum
  4. Whitening Cream OR Moisturising Cream
  5. Firming Cream
  6. (optional) Overnight Vitalizing Treatment

And now… to save up for the Extra Refining Cream!


2 thoughts on “Review: Sulwhasoo Extra Refining Emulsion

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