Review: Laneige Air Light Foundation

Most people go casual on Fridays, but me? I go all out baybeh! I mean, it is the end of the week, so shouldn’t you be majorly amped about the impending freeeeedom?

Besides dressing up my hawt hawt bodeh, I also dress up my face, and that means bringing out the good stuff. Say hi to my newest pet, the Laneige Air Light Foundation.

Laneige Air Light Foundation – KRW37,000

Shade colour: 13 True Beige, 21 N Natural Beige, 21 P Pink Beige and 23 Sand Beige

It’s not available in Singapore yet. Since I have the  crazy Ko’Ho reputation, whenever friends go to Korea (or in this case, a friend’s friend), they volunteer very kindly to help me buy things back. 😀

Rather than do a plain review on the product, I’ve decided to do a comparison this time. It’s like Battle Royale to be my new favourite. (I have done a previous review on Laneige Water Supreme Foundation)

*ding ding ding* In the left corner, we have the reigning champion. Standing in a robust bottled pump, give it up for Laneige Water Supreme Foundation, in Pink Beige.

In the other corner, our new contender is the Laneige Air Light Foundation, also in Pink Beige . It looks tiny in a little slim tube, but will it be a lightweight pushover? Let’s find out!

The two contenders do their warm-ups, stretching to their fullest!

As you can see, the Water Supreme Foundation is more flexible, clearly being more fluid and watery. The Air Light Foundation, surprisingly, isn’t as light as air. But will it sting like a bee?

Ooh. The Water Supreme Foundation has a slight dewy glow to it, but less coverage compared with the Air Light Foundation. However, the Air Light does have more coverage and a matte finish.

Now it’s time for the two contenders to step up. First, the Air Light Foundation has a go.

The Air Light Foundation swabbed on my bare face

Voila! Bare face + Air Light Foundation = covered pores, matte finish, slight pinkish tone and good coverage

Next up, the Water Supreme Foundation returns the blow with a strategic attack of its own!

Voila! Bare face + Water Supreme Foundation = covered pores, glowing dewy finish, slight pinkish tone and decent coverage

So who’s the winner of this round? I’ll have to say… It’s a really close tie!

I say…

Buy the Air Light Foundation if:

  • You want more coverage.
  • You like matte finishing.
  • You will be having a really long day. (more than 8 hours outdoors)

Buy the Water Supreme Foundation if:

  • You don’t mind average coverage.
  • You like glowing dewy finishing.
  • You will be having an average day. (about 8 hours outdoors)

Both foundations are:

  • lightweight – you can barely feel that they’re there.
  • long-lasting – stays on the whole day.
  • lightly-scented with the typical Laneige scent.
  • easy to apply and blend in.

Since I love having the dewy glowy finish, I use the Water Supreme Foundation for my whole face. However, I use the longer-staying and more resistant Air Light Foundation for my under eye dark circles (for more coverage) and the corners of the nose (since I sniffle alot in the morning).

In any case, both are great foundations and you should buy themmmmmm.


2 thoughts on “Review: Laneige Air Light Foundation

  1. heh thank you! I don’t like the snow crystal dual foundation either – my makeup artist friend recommends using it as an under eye concealer. Water Supreme is really good! It’s best applied using a brush or those vibrating puffs from Korea. I’m planning to do a review on my vibrating puff soon 😀

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