Review: Laneige Water Supreme Foundation

My friend just told me that I shouldn’t be friends with Romeo (the extremely handsome Korean makeup artist). Why? Cos I’ll go broke in no time. Because every single makeup or skincare item that he says is good will end up in my shopping cart. Gotta trust the professional who’s even done makeup for the 2NE1 girls.

I spent about S$300 in the week that he was here – on stuff from gmarket cos they’re not available in Singapore yet.

Looking so glamourous carting heavy boxes of gmarket shopping back home

Some of my shopping from gmarket korea 😀

Anyway, I was most excited to receive this item – Laneige Water Supreme Foundation, which Romeo had used on me during his latest trip here.

Laneige Water Supreme Foundation – SGD55

Now, I’ve always been a huge fan of BB creams / cushions – just slap them on your face and you’re ready to go. Foundations were way too tedious cos you had to apply a primer / base, then blend the foundation in nicely (Romeo nags me to use the foundation brush), dust loose powder to set it in etc. Me lazy so me no likey.

However, I’m willing to make an exception for this one. Good lord, it’s like a miracle worker.

Going ballistic by buying two shades: Shade 21 Natural Beige (left) and Shade 21 Pink Beige (right)

Swatches: Shade 21 Natural Beige (left) and Shade 21 Pink Beige (right)

After blending in: Shade 21 Natural Beige (left) and Shade 21 Pink Beige (right)

Taken under bright sunlight: Shade 21 Natural Beige (left) and Shade 21 Pink Beige (right)

Clearly, my skin colour better suits the Shade 21 Pink Beige. But hey, testing on hands is not a true test of suitability.

Shade 21 Pink Beige (left) and Shade 21 Natural Beige (right) – Natural beige is slightly darker than my skin tone

Shade 21 Natural Beige

Shade 21 Pink Beige

Close-up shot of how it sits on my skin – ignore beads of perspiration on upper lip  caused by immense heatwave in Singapore

It was a tough choice but I’ve decided to go with Shade 21 Pink beige as my colour.

What I love about this Laneige Water Supreme Foundation:

  • It gives me a healthy rosy glow.
  • It makes my skin look fuller with more bounce.
  • It is ridiculously lightweight and yet gives good coverage.
  • It smells nice.
  • It doesn’t cake so easily.
  • It is long-lasting – 5am to 1pm without touch-ups wazzuppp.
  • It’s easy to apply and blend using your fingers or foundation brush.

I’ve recently started using this vibrating foundation applicator that I got as a gift from a Korean friend, and wow, it lessens my foundation finger(ing) time by 50-80%. Will blog about that soon.

Pity about the low SPF factor though. However, I guess that’s cos a lazy bum like me doesn’t apply sunblock. Beauty blasphemy much, I know.

Otherwise, I’m glad to report that my loss of foundation virginity has been a happy one.

One small step for lazy bum = one large step into the land of awesomeness. 😀


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