Review: Laneige Makeup Primer Moisture

Why, oh why, is it so hot recently? I suspect that if I were a man, I’d have sweated my balls off long ago.

Instead, since I’m a chick, I find my skin peeling – horror of horrors! I’d been long accustomed to having such oily skin that the idea of having dry peeling skin (in hot and humid Singapore) is such an alien concept.

These days, instead of mattifying my face, I find myself digging for moisture-makeup products. At times like these, I’m glad I have my Laneige Makeup Primer Moisture.

 Laneige Makeup Primer Moisture – SGD41

Application and Effects

A slight iridiscent shimmer in the watery primer

After application – a slight glow to my skin, and it looks less dry

Compared with Laneige Shimmering Multi-cream (on the left of the picture) – the Laneige Makeup Primer Moisture on the right can barely be seen

Close-up of the Laneige Shimmering Multi-cream (left) and Laneige Makeup Primer Moisture (right)

What I love about Korean products is their technology – this one is amazingly cool to the touch. I also love it because:

  • It makes makeup application easier.
  • It keeps my skin moisturised.
  • It gives my skin a slight rosy glow.
  • It makes my skin feel so cool.

Howeer, at SGD41, I think it’s slightly pricey. If you’ve got any friends going to Korea, ask them to get it for you. Or else head over to – think you can get one at about SGD30+ there.


2 thoughts on “Review: Laneige Makeup Primer Moisture

  1. Thanks for the review. I am planning to get a primer myself. I have tried Shiseido anessa perfect uv sunscreen which is both primer and sunscreen. It works well but it is super pricey. I couldn’t find a good deal on ebay so I gave up on it altogether. I am gonna try this one with some samples first 🙂

  2. Hi Monica, you’re welcome! I’m planning to try the Sebum control primer from Laneige soon too. Hope your first experience with this moisture primer works out well 😀

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