Travel: Croatia, Dubrovnik 2012

Seems like my readers are lusty bunch – wanderlusty I mean. Here’s another travel-related blog entry with plenty of photos and minimal verbal diarrhoea from me.

Getting there

Travelling to Croatia = 12 hour flight (Singapore – Frankfurt) + 1 hour 45 min flight (Frankfurt – Dubrovnik)

Needless to say I was bored shitless on the plane. Thankfully one of my friends happened to be working onboard the SIA A380 and he made my flight a lot more bearable. Plus, he fed me much 😀

Transit at Frankfurt

I finally see why Singapore’s Changi Airport and Korea’s Incheon Airport are among the top-ranked in the world. It’s less complicated, more well laid-out and friendlier staff. I finally experienced the snooty European – I can speak Engleeesssh yew know? I just couldn’t figure out the layout of your airport. But anyway, thankfully I was with a couple of well-travelled dudes.

Much amused by the pink pretty public phones in Frankfurt airport

Going through the subway-style gantries and revolving door to catch the feeder bus to my Croatian Airlines flight

On the feeder bus trundling towards the plane

Passing by the ass of the A380 we just alighted 😀

Many more asses

My Croatian Airlines Boarding pass – check out the hamsome man. I miss my pretty nails  (done in Korea, Seoul, Myeongdong at Bandi Nails)

Arriving in Dubrovnik

The feeder bus collecting people who alight from the tail end of the plane.

The beautifullllllllllllllllllllllllllll skies

Coming out from the doors of the tiny little international airport –  a line of taxis awaiting, BUT with really robustly-built female drivers.

A front view of the airport

Trundling towards the hotel on our bus – what the bus driver sees.

Holy mother of awesome scenery! This is what’ we see from the left side of the bus!

Super beautiful – I may have travelled for 16 hours across several time zones but this immediately woke me up

Pulling into the hotel – we were put up at Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Dubrovnik. It had a hotel segment and a residential segment (and I got the residential area!)

The hotel block with your typical hotel rooms

The residential block – its layout was something like catacombs. I kept losing my way.

The first room I was allocated to was hugeeee but apparently there had been a mix up at the front desk – it was still under renovation. So I was shifted to a second room with the help of an extremely robust and apologetic staff. She lifted my luggage with one arm as though I’d packed nothing but pillows. Woah…

The tiny little corridor of my room. Door on the left leads to the toilet

The interior of the toilet – not too bad. Even comes with a leather stool so that I can do my makeup properly. Generous space on the sink top for me to lay out my toiletries too.

The little kitchenette in case I needed to do any cooking. I was more amused by the little table – if I sat there, I felt like my own receptionist.

The dining table area. The overhead lamp was a bit of a hazard. I’m merely 160cm and I kept hitting my head on it.

The living room – comfortably large. Veranda doors lead to my tiny lil garden but there wasn’t much to see.

The bedroom – no tv in there, just the bed and an armchair. Kinda creepy if you ask me. haha.

Venturing out of my room to hunt for food… These are all the residential blocks. Unfortunately my room didn’t have a sea view.

On the balcony area where meals are served

Who cares about the food, there’s beautiful scenery to be admired!

After this, I was stuck in conventions, meetings, talks for a bit. During our free time, we managed to explore a bit of the grounds.

Testing the waters of the Adriatic Ocean – it was warm!

I managed to capture this giant wave crashing upon the rocks! Totally beautiful. I then turned around to my left…

…and saw my friend perched upon the rocks because the wave had apparently flooded the walkway.

Getting off his safety perch, after which we scuttled back to drier and higher land…

…but not before I got flooded as well.

Higher and much drier

We did get further reprieve during an excursion to The Old City. Basically it’s the IT place to be at Dubrovnik since it’s such a small town.

My first sight of the Old City – damn the weather.

Fort Lovrijenac, Dubrovnik – I call it the Castle. Climbing its walls and walking the entire perimeter is no joke. I kept thinking that the howling winds would turn me and my umbrella into Mary Poppins and blow me into the blue, blue ocean.

After much huffing and puffing – the view from the top

The bricks floors of the City Walls were uneven and there were so many water puddles around. I was in fear of falling over the edge of the wall (which was only at waist level!).

Beautiful harbour and boats in the background – ignore face that was frozen with fear + cold

A beautiful building next to the Castle / Fortress

At a palace – unfortunately can’t remember the name of it.

People of the olden times sure had weird tastes in banisters…

Braving the rain to get the perfect tourist shot of The Old City in Dubrovnik

Spotted – a sign that brought some sunshine to an otherwise gloomy day

People taking a leisurely evening stroll

The piazza of the Old City

On my last day at the gala dinner – trust me, I was freeeeezing. Thanks for the hospitality Dubrovnik. You are such a charming and quaint city. Plus, your hotels serve this for breakfast. That’s a definite winner for me 😀

croatia viewThis view, I’ll miss much 😀


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