Review: Hera Age Away Primer Base

Last weekend I had two weddings (and a financial funeral, cos of the number of ang baos (red money packets) that I had to give). What’s worse is that I couldn’t skip or scrimp on any of them as they were both my pals.

However, that was the least of my worries – I was more concerned about looking super fabulous because:

  1. I’m vain and wanted to take many pretty photos with my pals
  2. I was super happy and excited for my pals – putting on my best face is a courtesy and respect to them
  3. I had to one-up an ex-colleague who very ungraciously deleted me off her Facebook friend list after I quit

Well, honestly, it was more of point 3. Come on, who hasn’t had that slight tinge of satisfaction upon seeing an ex-bf get fat and ugly, or a former horrible co-worker/meanie get pudgey and look rundown?

But anyway, to ensure that I looked my best, besides calling upon a higher power (I totally got such a cheap thrill out of hollering “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” during the weekend even though the dude doesn’t understand Shakespeare), I also put my trust in Hera.

Hera Age Away Primer Base 에이지 어웨이 프라이머 베이스 SPF15- KRW55,000 (SGD60)

Trying very hard to capture the pretty bottle, but the flash just ruins everything. meh!

Application and Effects

When I first bought this, I didn’t try it. It was during my March/April 2012 trip to Korea that I stumbled upon Shin Min Ah as the face of Hera, and being a sucker, I wanted to buy something (just anything!).

I asked the sales girl what was good, and she shoved two products at me: the Hera UV Mist Cushion (yes yes I know I owe you guys a review) and this Age Away Primer Base. Simply because Shin Min Ah was the spokesperson, I bought both. Heh.

Anyway, the first time I used this, I actually got a shock. It was so bright/fair compared with my skin.  

Extremely fair compared with my skin

But thankfully, upon application, it blends very well into my skin colour and evens out all my blemishes, wrinkles and lines. In fact, it is so lightweight and feels like there’s nothing on.

The lower part of  hand (nearer the base of the thumb) has the Hera Age Away Primer.

A closer view of the Hera Age Away Primer Base

Now don’t freak out cos you won’t look like a geisha with flour-powdered face.  Check out my photo below – the area nearer the lips and jawline has the Primer Base on. The cheeks nearer the nose has nothing on.

Voila! Not that bad after all, right?

It gave me a rosy glow, evened out those blemishes, and made my BB application much easier. In fact, a friend who’s a beauty editor even commented that I looked so radiant. There’s no fooling beauty editors, so now you see the powerrrrr of Hera!

Here’s one of me at the church wedding. Sorry it’s so small but it was a group photo and I’ve had to crop out the rest.

Products used:

I can’t wait to buy my next Hera item! 😀


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