Review: Laneige White Plus Renew Eye Treatment (Eye Serum + Apple Zone Mask)

I know it is absolutely irrelevant to my blog, but has anyone else realised that we’re not seeing that many crows in Singapore these days? All I see these days are those damn fat-assed pigeons waddling around terrorizing the harmless folk at hawker centres.

But anyway, the reason why I brought up crows was because I was scrutinising my face carefully for crow’s feet yesterday. I was worried that one week of cracking up at Romeo’s epic stunts + carefully applying and reapplying makeup to avoid criticism by his professional eye might have added some extra lines.

Thankfully I found none, but I still carted out the masks. My preferred defensive troops for this weekend was the Laneige White Plus Renew Eye Treatment.

Laneige White Plus Renew Eye Treatment (Eye Serum + Apple Zone Mask) – comes with one eye serum  + 4 Apple Zone masks – SGD88

Application and Effects

The recommended usage for this is:

  • Apply eye serum (3-5 dots under the eye, then gently massage in)
  • Apply Apple Zone mask (best to refridgerate before application)
  • Wait 20 minutes, remove. Gently massage any remaining essence / serum in
  • Do this for 4 consecutive days for best results

Step 1: Eye Serum

I have no bones to pick with this one. It’s got the distinctive Laneige scent, is lightweight (semi-watery) and relatively easily absorbed. I usually just pat on 3-4 drops and massage it in.

Step 2: Apple Zone Mask

Although I love most things Korean, I hate this mask. I honestly do.

It isn’t cut properly and doesn’t fit my face properly. What makes it worse is that this is supposed to cover the eyebrows, temple, nose bridge and cheeks (thus, the Apple Zone). Just think Zorro. Instead, I feel like Zero. A Hollow Zero. And I could go on and on.

Masks are supposed to be indulging experiences, not a battle. The eye sockets are too far apart, which means the areas near the nose bridge aren’t covered. Instead, half my eyes are covered. What’s more, it comes with eye flaps, so my vision is completely obscured. I try to flip it up, but it just fall flat over my eyes like saggy flaps of skin. I ended up chopping it off with my scissors.

The entire mask is also too long and extends somewhere into my hair line (and I have a big face and big head, trust me).

Don’t get me wrong though – once I’m done with the struggling and fidgeting and chopping, the mask feels fine. My under eye area feels refreshed and maybeeee 1% of a shade less grey.

But to me, it’s like lacing up a 1,000-hole corset to look fabulous. Why do it when you can easily get another zipped one? There are so many other masks out there that work just as well but without all the effort.

Should you buy the Apple Zone Mask (8 sheets for $58)? No. In fact,  I’m calling the Apple Zone Mask 쓰레기 (Si-leh-gee – Korean for crap). ;p


6 thoughts on “Review: Laneige White Plus Renew Eye Treatment (Eye Serum + Apple Zone Mask)

    • Hey Echeng, it’s recommended that you leave the mask on for about 15-20 minutes. It probably would fall off if you tried it use it overnight or for any longer period of time (after all the essence dries up). 🙂

    • Hi Indah, nah it doesn’t do much to lighten your dark eye circles.. I’m currently using the YSL eye serum and it seems to have lightened the dark eye circles slightly, but its moisturizing effect is more noticeable 🙂

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