Review: Hera HD Fix Powder

I’m officially a Hera convert. Every single item from Hera that I’ve tried so far has rocked my world. The very first Hera item I owned was the Hera Amethyst Highlighter, and the second one is this.

Hera HD Fix Powder in 01 Skin Beige – KRW55,000

Although it seems like a hefty price tag (SGD60) for a seemingly-normal looking pot of loose powder, check out the size of this baybeh.

The Hera HD Fix Powder is larger than the palm of my hand!

I love, love, love this feature. It’s a super duper useful net for catching and dispensing powder. This is what all loose powder pots need. It’s elastic, so just use the puff / large brush and press it down to pick up the powder. You don’t have to gingerly tap the sides of the pot to dispense more powder – it usually just results in a major eruption of powder or a mushroom cloud of powder which I end up inhaling.

Of course, the packaging isn’t the best part – it works so well too!

In the photo above it looked kind of yellowish, but it’s actually the lighting, plus it’s also the actual colour of the net. Here’s the actual colour of the powder.

When dusted out and applied evenly against my skin – the skin beige is actually fairer than my skin.

But after letting it settle in for a while, here’s what it really looks like.

What’s more, there’s even a rosy glow! I’m surprised cos I thought only pink shade loose powders gave a rosy glow.

Hera HD Fix Powder – Taken two hours after application – I’m flawless and poreless, and almost like a rosy goddess (I’m totally on a rhyming mode today).

Hardly any caking around the nose area too. You can compare this with the Laneige Satin Finish Loose Powder, which has slight caking and is slightly more yellowish (but still natural).

Laneige Satin Finish Loose powder

 Both photos taken :

  • same lighting conditions
  • same camera
  • same timing (2 hours after application)
  • after Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion

YES YES YES you should get the Hera HD Fix Powder. It’s totally value for money, and you get a fine-grained powder, useful and practical net that helps for easy dispensing of powder + saves the powder from becoming a mushroom cloud and gives you a rosy glow. What’s more, it helps to absorb sebum.

I am now officially a Hera fan. Shin Min Ah, you have helped guide me onto the path of true makeup awesomeness. Thanks for endorsing Hera.

Buy ALL their makeup! 😀


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