Review: Laneige Satin Finish Loose Powder

I’ve never believed in loose powders – I always ended up inhaling it rather than applying it on my face. I actually think this is the closest I’ll ever get to inhaling or snorting cocaine. However, for the sake of not becoming a kwali face, (Singlish term for crease-coated frying pan)I’ve decided to take a bold step into the new world of loose powders.

Laneige Satin Finish Loose Powder  라네지 사틴 피니스 루스 파우더- SGD52

What I’m currently using is shade is #02 – natural beige.

Talk about brand consistency and image – even the sifter is in the shape of a snowflake, which is the iconic Laneige symbol.I love the powder puff, which is so ridiculously soft and fluffy that I almost didn’t want to use it. In any case, loose powder is best applied with a large brush. What I learned from Romeo is that you can hook the puff on your pinky and use it to press against your face while you apply eyeliners / mascaras. This prevents unnecessary dirt coming into contact with your face. (Speaking of which, Romeo’s coming to town again this weekend! 선표 씨 오래만인데 잘지냈어용? 꼭 한잔해야지요 :D)

Application and Effects

The powder grains are awesomely fine. 결이 너무 고워요. Just check out the photo below. 뒤에 사진을 보세요.

Even when applied on my hands, it barely settles into the creases of my hands. 손에 칠할 때도 거의 볼 수 있어요.

Piling on an excessively large amount so that it can be captured by the camera

And voila! How it looks after brushing it gently with a large brush (photo taken in the sunlight near the window)

After brushing it evenly with a large brush (photo taken in normal room light)

It smells awesome, like your typical Laneige product. It also settles in quickly without hiding out in your fine lines. It also can last me the whole day without caking (even if I touch up using my IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock Ex-Cover).

The key is to NOT apply too much – simply dust a very light layer on and you’re ready to go.

How it looks 2 hours after application – minor caking at the nose area due to sebum production, but generally unscathed. My skin looks poreless and flawless! 칠한 2시간후에 이런 됐어요.코밑에 파우더가 조금 달라붙었지만 얼굴 밖의 피부가 괜찮돼요.
(used with Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion +  Esprique Melty Fix Cheek + Etude House V-line Slim Maker)

The downside of this is its size – it’s a good 5-6cm in height, which makes it damn nearly impossible to carry around for touch ups. But then again, the powder is decent enough to hold up for 6-8 hours before being drowned in my facial sebum. I’d say get it for a good starter loose powder – it’s fine, it smells good, it doesn’t cake much, and gives decent coverage and sets your bb well.


4 thoughts on “Review: Laneige Satin Finish Loose Powder

  1. is the function finishing pact same with loose powder?coz i ready both of your reviews of these product from Laneige,and i’m confused 😦 LOLL

    • Hi pixie, to make it simpler, loose powder is usually for setting your foundation / bb and makes it adhere to your skin longer and look more “finished”. Since it’s loose powder grains, it can settle into the “gaps” that are not filled by your bb/ foundation.

      The finishing pact also can be used to set your bb / foundation, but since it’s compacted powder (pressed together by machine to form the cake), the grain are not as loose and won’t settle into the “gaps” as well as the loose powder.

      both can be used to set your bb / foundation, but the loose powder is better. the powder pacts are better for on-the-go touch-ups as they can give more coverage.

      hope you’re less confused now 😀

  2. Hi there. Laneige is still a very new brand for me. I don’t know much about this product. So, I am wondering whether if I could just use this “Laneige Satin Finish Loose Powder” for daily make-up after using moisturizer without applying any BB cream?

    • Hi Vava, it really depends on your personal preference. Loose powders are mostly for setting purposes (with very minimal cover) and also gives a more matte finish, while BB creams are usually base makeup items with more coverage and a more dewy finish.

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