The Face Shop Jewel Therapy Water Jelly Essence

Going to a hairdresser’s is an extremely harrowing experience, especially if it’s a new stylist. Honestly, unless I’m planning to murder a Sulwhasoo delivery truck driver to hijack his delivery, sitting down in that chair must be the closest thing I can get to experiencing an electric chair. It kind of signifies that potential death of your hair and crowning glory if the hairstylist screws up.

Thankfully, my gut feeling hasn’t failed me yet. It was such a leap of faith for me to just wander around Sinchon and just walk into any salon that I “felt” was good. Armed with my 2.5 years of Korean knowledge and monkey-like arm gestures, I managed to convey to Jei what I wanted. She’s seriously like the best hairstylist ever – look, if she can barely understand English and still get what I want, there’s no excuse for those annoying Singaporean hairstylists who can speak both English and Mandarin and still screw up my hair. Hmph.

For those who are interested in doing your hair, Jei is now at Switch Hair Zone. 


But anyway, on my recent trip, I permed my hair and to say it was a big change is an understatement. My hair is now so big, it’s comparable with Hagrid from Harry Potter. I kid you not.

Big hair that extends past my shoulder width – a stoned face after flying overnight, touching down at 6am, taking a 1-hour bus to my hostel, zooming off to Cecica at 10am and then sitting in a chair for 3-4 hours

Resemblence much? 

The reason why I permed my hair was because I thought I could save on maintenance. Pooh, what a fallacy. Turns out that permed hair needs more time and effort to maintain it. I have to:

  1. be more careful when shampooing and drying
  2. avoid high levels of heat cos it might make my hair turn wonky
  3. apply essence and what-nots to ensure that the dry ends don’t look too much like hay
  4. apply styling product

Thankfully, I found an all-in-one styling and hair care product.


The Face Shop Jewel Therapy Water Jelly Essence – KRW6,500

Application and Effects

Theoretically, this is supposed to be a haircare product that moisturizes your hair and helps repair damaged hair. It’s jelly that’s supposed to turn into water when applied onto your hair. However, I don’t see it turning much into water. This means that the jelly thingy remains slightly stickier, and thus, helps hold my hair curls together. Once it dries, it’s not sticky anymore and doesn’t have that fake effect that hair spray has. (P.S. If you like the pure liquid and non-sticky version, check out The Face Shop Jewel Therapy Water Defense Essence)

Best of all, I don’t even have to use my hands to apply this, cos I just spritz it on and leave it to set. It’s a perfect haircare and hairstyling product.

Check out the difference before and after applying the product – defined but natural-looking curls

Unfortunately this product is still not available in Singapore (I was totally willing to pay double the price I paid in Korea for it!), and neither is it available on Gmarket. If you’ve got any friends heading to Korea, get them to stock on this item for you.


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