Clarins Ombre Minerale 4 Couleurs

I watch plenty of Korean dramas and movies, and I’ve always wanted to achieve that natural nude-pink-brown-beige eyeshadow look that they’ve got.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a professional makeup artist by my side 24-7 (just some times – kudos to my fabulous makeup guru friends :D), so most of the times I end up looking like I’ve fallen eye-first into pink or brown marshmellow-making pots.

But finally… oh finally, after so long, I’ve found it!

Clarins Ombre Mineral 4 Couleurs – Nudes

The wide range of colours for this product

Application and Effects

Don’t you just love it when these fancy schmancy brands come up with step-by-step instructions for their makeup? I tell you, idiot-proofing products is totally underrated. Being the typical woman, of course I didn’t follow the instructions.

From L-R: Shade 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the Nudes palette

I used 1 for the entire eyelid, and 2 for part of the upper eyelid closer to the lash line. I didn’t use 3 cos it was too dark for a day look. I patted on 4 sparingly all over the eye, and used 1 to highlight the brow bone. Once I was done playing with colours, I put this eyeshadow to the test – the whole-day-af-the-office followed by the yoga-session test.

I love how it’s not too glittery so that it looks natural (come on, no one has a naturally glittery complexion, not unless you’re Edward from Twilight). Plus, I’m quite surprised that it doesn’t meld with my eyelid oil to settle into the creases like other eyeshadows.

Taken at the end of the day at 10pm

If you disregard the ultimate I-want-to-fall-into-bed-now-and-die expression, note that the end of the work day and a yoga session, my makeup is mostly intact – non-smudged Laneige eyeliner (top lid) and Holika Holika eyeliner (under the eye), IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock Cover-EX bb, The Face Shop Petit Cheek Stick and my Etude House highlighter on my nose (review to come soon, I promise!)

 Convinced much about my product recommendations so far? 😀


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