Review: Sulwhasoo Hair Treatment Oil

Growing up in Singapore, mention the word “perm” and images of ah sohs (middle-aged women) and maggi mee noodle hair comes to mind.

However, since I fell in love with all things Korean, I’ve realized that many of their girls perm their hair too. Perhaps it’s their technology or their stylists – whatever it is, it’s made perming seem so much more attractive. They’ve got so many types of perms too – I did the water wave perm during my recent visit to my Korean hairstylist.

However, my hair has been excessively damaged by the countless dyes I’ve had. To give you a gist of how often I dye my hair – I haven’t had black hair since 1999. Jei, my super fantastic hairstylist told me (in halting English) that the part of my hair from my chin to below my bra strap was “not hair”. Basically, it was “all dead hair” and she recommended that I cut it off. Of course, I pleaded, begging and bargained my way into not cutting that much.

However, I did panic and run to various Korean skincare shops to purchase all their hair care products. My number one stop was, of course, Sulwhasoo.

Sulwhasoo Hair Treatment Oil – KRW28,000

Application and Effects

The Sulwhasoo Hair Treatment Oil 동백윤모오일 (pronounced Dong Baek Yoon Mo O Il) has camellia oil, which is the same as some other Japanese products out there. Camelia oil is supposedly really good in salvaging your hair and turning it from hay to yay. There’s also green tea oil in this product.

What I love about this product that it’s totally not greasy nor sticky. In fact, when applied on my skin, it is absorbed quite quickly, and leaves a slight sheen. It has the same distinctive smell herby as all the other Sulwhasoo products too, and isn’t too overwhelming.

I also love how this product can be applied in two ways.

  • Before shampooing: apply a sufficient amount on the scalp and hair and use your fingertips to gently massage the scalp. Wrap your head with a warm towel and shampoo after 10~15 minutes.
  • After shampooing: towel-dry your hair and apply an appropriate amount from the tip of your hair.

Even since I permed my hair, it’s become an almighty uncontrollable mess that can only be tamed by hair care products. The ends are of course, shit. But thankfully, with this Sulwhasoo Hair Treatment Oil, it’s regained some of its former lustre and shine, and doesn’t tangle that easily.

However, since it’s quite a small bottle and I’ve got a truckload of hair, I minimize my usage to 2x a week. Damn it. I should have bought more…


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