Review: Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Treatment

I’m pretty convinced that if I mummify my body in this Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Treatment when I die, they’ll dig out my body in 10 years and find that I haven’t aged a day.

Ok, fine, that’s totally exaggerating. But I’m not lying when I say this is the closest thing to a miracle overnight sleeping pack I’ve found.

Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Treatment – KRW50,000

Application and Effects

Sulwhasoo First Care Serum –> Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening Serum –> Sulwhasoo Balancing Emulsion –> Sulwhasoo Firming Cream –> Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Treatment 여윤팩 pronounced Yeo Yoon Paek

I say…

  • At just KRW50,000, this has got to be one of the most value-for-money items I’ve ever bought. It comes with angelica and pomegranate help brighten skin tone and walnut and white mulberry restore skin’s vitality.
  • It comes in a long tall tube which stands pretty firmly on its heavy rounded cap.
  • It has a nice herbal scent that isn’t overpowering.
  • All you have to do is to apply it every night (I do it every other night so that it doesn’t run out that fast) at the end of your regime.
  • The texture is impossibly smooth, and yet in a weird way, you can still feel the finely-ground grains of the herbs that have been included. My camera is unable to capture the extremely-fine grainy feel of this (but fret not, it isn’t abrasive in the least). It’s creamy, but is absorbed really quickly into the skin.

  • Next morning, when you wake up, your skin is immaculate – I am not kidding.
  • Pores are visibly minimized, and there’s no oily residue or sheen that usually appears overnight.
  • Now, I’ve got a notoriously low tolerance level of facial oil – I obsessively blot my face throughout the day. The fact that I’m wowed by the no-overnight-facial-oil-ness of this product speaks volumes for its efficacy.

Taken just 2 minutes after I managed to tear my carcass away from my bed

 In fact, the recommended usage for this is that you do not wash this off with your usual morning cleanser. Instead, just splash with water and apply your makeup as per usual. Your skin feels velvety, soft and smooth, and makeup goes on so easily.

I love, love, love this product and have recommended it to everyone I know. C’mon, at only KRW50,000 (approx SGD55), you’re basically getting an instant perk-me-up for your skin.

Get it NAO!


30 thoughts on “Review: Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Treatment

  1. Hi there,

    I know this may not be a fair comparison, but ill ask away. Is it comparable to Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX?

    Thanks for the Sulwhasoo reviews!

  2. hello!

    I’ve used both before, and I do think that the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_Ex is a good product, but it doesn’t give as awesome results as the Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Treatment.

    I think that the herbs and ginseng works wonders from deeper within. I was really surprised to see that it worked so well too – not something I see often.

    Plus, it’s not the sort of product with effects that wear off the moment you stop (I’ve heard that this happens with Lancome and SK-II). Sometimes I’ll forget to use this Sulwhasoo product for a month or so and my skin still looks the same.

    Also, the price difference isn’t that much if you buy both in Korea – Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_Ex is about half of Singapore’s price over there. Think it’s about SGD30-39. If you compare it with Sulwhasoo (KRW50,000 is about SGD55), the 20 bucks or so is totally worth it, and affordable too.

    I sold off all my Laneige Water Sleeping Packs the moment I realized this Sulwhasoo one was much better :p

    thanks for popping by! 😀

  3. Hoah prompt reply! Thanks. I’ll definitely grab this on my next Korea visit.

    I have combination oily skin, large pore, acne prone and living in Malaysia. Do you have any recommendation on products between Sulwhasoo and House of Whoo?

    Btw, I really love reading your Sulwhasoo reviews. I’m sold.

  4. To be honest, I don’t own anything from the House of Whoo yet. (cos I’ve spent allllll my money on Sulwhasoo – I aim to own every single skincare item they have by the end of 2012 ;p) Hopefully I’ll strike lottery soon so that I can move on to House of Whoo products (that’s my next step of action). Heh.

    I have tried the samples at the House of Whoo’s counters, and they seem pretty good. But I don’t think it’s sufficient enough to make a judgement call based on that – I prefer my reviews to be based on long-term usage so that my readers get a fairer review.

    If i remember correctly, Sulwhasoo and House of Whoo are direct competitors. One is LG’s beauty brand and the other is Samsung’s (can’t remember which is white). They should therefore be pretty awesome, especially since they’re both herbal and high-end products.

    For large pores: I’m currently trying out this new product, Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum and it seems to be working. I only apply it on the right side of my face, and compared with the pores on my left side, they seem smaller. I’ve only used it for about a week – am waiting for about 2-4 weeks before I do a review on it.

    You can also try the Sulwhasoo First Care Serum and the Laneige Perfect Renew Skin Refiner.

    For acne, I’d suggest using first the La-Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, followed by the Effaclar A.I. Corrector Imperfecciones de La Roche Posay.

    The Effaclar Duo is a clearing serum – it unclogs your pores from deep inside, and then pushes the “dirt” out to the surface. Naturally this means you’ll get some pimples which you can clear with the Effaclar A.I. Corrector Imperfecciones (a pimple cream).

    I saw clearer skin and smaller pores with just one tube of the Effaclar Duo, and so did my brother (who has acne prone skin and large pores). I’m currently still using the Effaclar A.I. Corrector Imperfecciones for the occasional zit.

    Thanks so much for reading my reviews – it really means a lot since there’s like five million beauty blogs out there 😀

    • To be honest, this might my first reading about Laroche. i will definitely give these two products a try and the others too.

      Thanks a lot

  5. I will receive my tube today… ordered it from Korea! It’s hard/impossible to find here in Europe but I’m really looking foward to see if it has the same effect on my skin. 🙂

  6. I bought Sulwhasoo’s First Care Serum and Overnight Vitalizing Treatment (have yet to test this one). Plus History of Whoo, Seol Line.

    I used Seol line right away (on top of my congested skin) and the result, well, it’s clear I should have address my problematic skin first. It doesn’t solve my problem and I think the peeling gel (because of the recommended daily exfoliation) kinda aggravates my skin. The brightening effect is there though (my fave one ATM is Whitening Intensive). Compared to Shiseido White Lucent line, this one really delivers. I can see result immediately within the next few days. For now, I use balancer/lotion/moisturizer/essence alternatively til my skin is calmer.

    What surprise me is Sulwhasoo’s First Care Serum. Magic is the word I’d use to describe it. It perfectly balances my skin after cleansing. It’s easily absorbed and leaves no residue whatsoever. Like what the product promise, it prepares the skin for next treatment. Love it!

    On Effaclar, I will get my hands on these by end of this month. Will definitely update you on the outcome.

    Btw, while browsing for Acne/Congested/Open Pores solution, I came across and she suggested Alpha-H Liquid Gold and Biologique Recherce P50 Lotion for liquid exfoliation. I’m getting these too and let you know if they works.

    Too much products to be tested and I’m reminding myself to take it slow :D.

  7. Question: If you wash off the vitalizing treatment in the morning, does that mean you no longer put on any skincare in the morning? First care serum etc? Thanks!

    • Hey Haiyu,
      Even though this overnight revitalising treatment leaves my skin majorly awesome, I still apply my usual skincare in the morning.

      Cos according to my chats with Choi Jung Hwan (the senior makeup artist from Amore Pacific) skincare to your skin is like food for your body.

      even if you eat a super delicious normal-portion Lawry’s meal for dinner, you’ll still have to eat breakfast in the morning. 🙂 hope that helps!

      • Thanks for replying! That is a very great analogy! I’ll try it tonight!

        Question, do you use anything after the White Ginseng Mask? Or do you just use your normal skin care? And how many times do you use it a week?

    • Hi hi, actually the white ginseng mask is more like a gentle massaging scrub, so yup, I have my usual skincare routine after that. I use it about 1-2x a week, simply cos I don’t want it to run out so fast. It’s actually really gentle and effective, and if you’re feeling rich and can stock up many tubes, then go ahead and use it 3-5x a week – it won’t tug or pull or overexfoliate your skin.

  8. hi, I’ve just started using Sulwhasoo overnight vitalizing mask together with the basic line. Just wonder if there is any difference between the mask and the treatment .you are writing about?

  9. the price of this is now 60,000 won, just got my tube last week in Seoul. Used it once and kena a few pimples, have to wait a while before I try again, might be too rich for my skin 😐

  10. hi, I am a new user of this Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Treatment, can you tell me what is the procedure to use? do I need to put on any toning lotion and night cream before using this product?

    • Hi hi, the proposed method of application by Sulwhasoo is that you apply it as the last step of your skincare at night.

      For me, I use it in the following manner:
      First care serum + Emulsion + serum + cream + this product (when I have time and energy) – all these products are Sulwhasoo products.

      If i’m too tired, say after a long day at work + night out, I’ll just apply first care serum and this product.

      Simply apply it all over your face except the eye area, let it set for a couple of minutes and you’re done. I use this about 2x a week.

      Hope it helps! 😀

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  19. Hi, I understand that this is supposed to be the last step of our skincare regime but I was wondering if it might be too much for my skin if I layer this on top of everything else as my skin can get sensitive and breakout.

    My nightly regime includes:
    – toner
    – kiehls hydro plumping serum
    – hada labo super moisture serum
    – eye serum and cream
    – night cream

    Thanks for your advice in advance!

    • Hi Jolie,
      if you’re worried about a breakout, you can try applying just your toner + this product 🙂 That’s what I do sometimes when my skin is in that mood (or when I’m just feeling lazy heh) – I minimise everything in my skincare regime, and just apply one product, which is a sleeping mask. 🙂

      • Thanks for the prompt reply, I’m quite excited to try it now!

        If you don’t mind me asking, what is your current skincare regime? I looked at quite a number of your posts and when I went to Seoul recently, the options were so overwhelming I had no clue where to start!

        I am thinking of getting a good toner and serum that would brighten and firm my skin, as well as a good peel/scrub as I am starting to get quite a few bumps on my skin (not sure if they are called closed comedones). I’m in my 30s with combination skin and while my skin has been largely problem free, I tend to get mild eczema below my eyes when I use products that are slightly more harsh and breakout more on my chin area.

        Thanks for your help!


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