Review: The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Make Me Star Waterproof Gel Liner

The weirdest thing made me buy this item –  the grammatical error. It’s “Make Me A Star”, people, not “Make Me Star”. It doesn’t even make sense whether you want the person to make you into a celebrity-star, or to make you an origami star. Even if you want someone to literally make you into a star and propel you into outerspace, it still isn’t grammatically correct.

Phew. Now that I’ve gotten that rant out of my system, I can properly review this product.

For those who can’t read Korean, here’s an English version with the shade names.

Prior to visiting The Face Shop during my recent trip to Korea, I had already hit Aritaum and bought so too many black eyeliners from Laneige. Thus, I decided to rein myself in a bit and stop buying dark coloured eyeliners and got the Peach Shower one instead.

Application and Effects

I’d discovered during my makeover with Laneige’s Romeo Eun that these light-coloured eyeliners are essential in “opening” up your eyes and making them larger than they seem.

However, what I like about this is that it can be both an eyeliner and eyeshadow.

Used as an eyeliner –  the colour is more intense

When blended out with the hidden tip (from the other end of the pencil), it becomes a nice and relatively smudge-proof eyeshadow.

The gel is smooth, creamy, and is easy to blend even with the tip sponge (which is slightly hard). There isn’t much effort or pulling of the lids needed to blend.

It doesn’t run much throughout the day, and this is where I regret not buying it in all the colours. If I remember correctly, it was pretty damn cheap too, at about KRW4,000+.

Never mind… I’ll be back  in Korea again before you guys know it 😀


26 thoughts on “Review: The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Make Me Star Waterproof Gel Liner

  1. i Just bought one of this today…and this has got to be the first time i bought something like this….. can’t seem to figure out where to get more of this thing? …like its not a twisty….yet if i pull off that bit with the sponge thing..there seems to be a bit more of the liner…..? Help? xDDD

  2. hi there!
    I was also initially fooled by this item cos it looked all plasticky. Actually, to get more of the liner, just use a normal sharpener and sharpen the nib. Don’t pull off anything from the other end cos it’s meant to be a sponge to smudge your liner into a shadow if you want 🙂

  3. LOl that was quick >< sorry for the double post -.- it didn't look like it posted so I repost…

    hehehe yeah I knew the sponge…but was looking for…a twisty…so I pulled it off xD I think i broke a bit of it off T-T – should be ok.

    YEAH! It looks so plastic! …so just sharpen =] THANK YOU =] xDD

    • no problem 😀 WordPress has some spam filter, so maybe that’s why it took some time to appear… I was also grumbling initially about the amount of money I paid for a 1cm nib of eyeliner. Then I decided, what the hell, and just tried the sharpener, and it worked!

      • Heheh yeah! Was a bit >.< that the girl talked me into buying this one instead of the auto liner i was going to get, but more annoyed at myself that I didn't look closer and ask her! So glad I found your blog =DDD and you answered so quickly too!

  4. you can get them online! gmarket for this product has a time sale tonight at 9pm-12am. 3.90 only! haha hope you can see this on time =3

  5. sorry i meant if you’re residing in singapore. the S$4.90 is in sgd. and yeah its 4.90 not 3.90 x.x
    so actually the discount is on now. D: still cant decide what should i get. maybe one dark and one light color? any suggestions? 😀 thanks!

    • >.< unfortunately not in Singapore T-T – I bought it for like $12 AUD -.-

      Anyway! If that cheap, maybe get a black and a colour you like best? Personally I'd choose purple, blue or pink …. my fav colour is blue or green, but purple is a colour i think works really nice =]

      • i see i see. i am not sure how much would shipping from singapore cost you. im thinking of Purple (because it’s my FAVOURITE color xD) and either peach or moon silver. i have plenty of black eyeliners and i think a dark color of purple wouldn’t look alot different from far. so yeah… the peach shower you showed above looks rather silvery. :O but it’s really nice right? 😀 btw thanks for the review! it helped a lot 🙂

    • For dark colors, I was deciding between the Disco Purple and Sky Fever at the shop… The light color I decided upon was the Peach Shower, cos I’d already gotten a silver one from Laneige. Also, it’s kinda hard to get a peach liner that’s a nice natural-ish shade (that doesn’t overdo the dolly effect), so maybe you’d wanna get that?

      Also, I’d recommend getting this to use as an accent / lash liner rather than an actual eye-defining eyeliner, because the texture of this is meant to be a shadow as well, which means it can blend (aka smudge) relatively easily. 😀

      • i see i see. i think i’d get purple and peach then. thanks loads~!
        sorry i think i thanked the wrong person above there. xD
        thanks again for prompt response and the review itself! 😀

  6. Hi Tran, yup you can apply it on your waterline. But it doesn’t stay very long though… It’s more glittery and less intense color. The glitter mightttt fall into your eyes or fall off. 🙂

  7. Well, not so good huh?
    So I might save money and buy NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Yogurt in stead, the color seems familiar 😕

  8. Hi Tran,
    It’s not that bad but I’ve used better eye pencils for the water line before.Try Laneige Creamy Crystal Eyeliner – this one stays the whole day, and is super smooth too. You’re right the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Yoghurt is slightly similar but i think the Face Shop one is more glittery. From this swatch ( the NYX Jumbo Pencil seems to have a strong and more intense colour and less glitter.

    • Hey Angel, I wouldn’t say this is the best product for tightlining cos it’s got quite a bit of glitter which could fall into your eyes and irritate them. Also, it’s quite spreadable, so i’m not sure about its staying power as a tightliner. 😀

  9. hi, sorry this sounds like a dumb qn but once the tip has shortened, how do you get the rest of the eyeliner out? I can’t seem to be able to twist or press on any part of the eyeliner.. 😦

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