Review: Sulwhasoo Essentrue Body Serum

I love how relaxed and stretched (and psychologically skinnier) I feel after every yoga session, but that feeling only comes after I run a gallon of water through my hair and scrub myself clean at home (like some dramatic post-rape movie scene).

Even though my yoga place cleans every mat after every session with a super strong Dettol-smelling solution, I just can’t shake off the fact that I’m lying in a (dried) pool of someone else’s sweat.

Also, I can’t take a long leisurely bath at my yoga place cos I don’t have my full array of toiletries – there’s no bathroom like your own bathroom.

Thus, after today’s yoga session, I zipped home to have my usual relaxing bath. To complete my  “I just came back from a spa” experience, I used my Sulwhasoo Essentrue Body Serum.

Now, I don’t usually apply any body creams (except the ones that claim to get rid of excess fats and unsightly bulges) and it’s because I don’t like feeling stickier than usual. One layer of dried perspiration is all I can stand having on my skin. But as per all my products, I was won over after just one tester session.

Sulwhasoo Essentrue Body Serum – KRW60,000

Application and Effects

There’s not much to it – simply apply onto a clean body and massage in. Body creams are pretty much idiot-proof.

The Body Serum is so fluid that it started dripping down while I was taking this photo. 

This Sulwhasoo Essentrue Body Serum 연섬바디에센스 (pronounced Yeon Seom Ba Di E-sen-seu) is surprisingly lightweight – almost fluid. It leaves a barely-negligible sheen that isn’t oily or sticky – it’s almost like your body’s  natural film that protects it from dehydration. Many of my friends have commented that my skin is so soft and smooth, so I guess that speaks volumes for its efficacy.

Did I mention that it has such an awesome aroma, which makes it the perfect pre-bedtime treat?  Plus, it’s surprisingly cheap for a Sulwhasoo item – KRW60,000 is about SGD66.30, which is a pretty affordable price.

I’ve been using it for two months about 3x a week, and only half the bottle is gone. This means the full bottle lasts for about 4 months. Not sure if I should buy one more on my upcoming trip – I love it, but I was thinking if I could spend the money on another Sulwhasoo item that I’ve yet to try…


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