Review: The Face Shop Bebe Lip Mask

I’ve never had any problems with my lips till recently (hey, 1 year is still considered recent), which was when I changed jobs.

In the new office, I’m positioned near the printer, which seems to work more than an average Korean. Day in, day out, it’s perpetually printing. That results in dust and printer ink particles crowding the air that I breathe in and chasing out the oxygen – something like how foreigners are crowding out Singaporeans.

I’ve resorted to using a humidifier in an attempt to make the best of matters, fastidiously applying lip balm and hand cream. However, when my lips started (and wouldn’t stop) cracking and peeling, that was it. The last straw came when I was being used as a makeup model by my super fabulous celebrity makeup artist friend Larry Yeo – he said to the waiting crowd: “Laneige’s moisture lipstick is perfect for anyone with cracked and peeling lips. Look, even her lips can look glossy!”

No offense was taken, but that was a wake-up call for me.

Being part of the typical paranoid tech-savvy generation, I googled “cracked lips” only to be informed that I could possibly have:

  1. a lack of protein
  2. cold sores
  3. fungal infection
  4. cheilitis
  5. (and this one takes the cake) herpes

After a momentary 5 minutes of freaking out, I realized that I should do what my favorite Doctor Gregory House does and just treat the symptoms. (Fine, so he’s not an actual doctor but the medical writers behind the script should have some cred, right?)

Dry, chapped and peeling lips should be due to dehydration, so I started doing water parades (a Singaporean term for drinking like a camel).

I started hunting for better lip balms in Korea, but when I found this lip mask, I know I was saved. The day after I bought and tried this in Korea, I went back to The Face Shop the next day and bought 40 more pieces. That’s how good it was. Will update you guys with the prices once I buy another bunch from Korea next week 😀

The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Bebe Lip Mask

Application and Effects

Simply place it on your lips like your normal face sheet mask and leave it there for 10-20 minutes. As shown in my pictures, they don’t fit my lips perfectly, but hey, better for it to be bigger than smaller right?

The lower half of the 2-piece lip mask – cut according to your lip shape

L – R: Before applying, during application and after application

After removing the mask, my lips were baby soft – there was no sign of me having ever had herpes-cold-sore-lack-of-protein lips. In the photos the difference is not that obvious, but trust me, you can feel the difference. It also doesn’t taste that bad and offensive if you accidentally lick the mask.

The next day, my lips also remained soft and non-chapped. Of course, to upkeep this, you’ll have to drink lots of water, apply good lip balm and use this mask about 1-2x a week. Definitely a must-get if you’re headed to The Face Shop in korea. 😀


10 thoughts on “Review: The Face Shop Bebe Lip Mask

  1. I face the same lip symptoms.. dry, cracked and worse dark lips.
    Does this whiten the lips while softening it?

    How much does it cost in korea cause i will be heading there soon?

    • Hi qq, I wouldn’t say this whitens your lips – it makes it more rosy and natural-coloured. I can’t quite remember how much I bought it for, cos they usually pack it in a huge bunch for the tourists. It should be about 10-20 pairs per large packet. I’m guessing in the range of .. SGD3-5 per pair.. sorry I really can’t remember cos I buy so many things in bulk T.T

    • Hey sochu, I use this about 1-2x a week. I’m currently trying out the Sulwhasoo Spot Whitening Serum and it seems to work really well! I also recommended it to a couple of my colleagues and they said it lightened their pigmentation and sunspots as well. I haven’t had time to do a review yet though. The Hera White Program Biogenic Effector is quite good too, and slightly more affordable than the Sulwhasoo one.

  2. Hi… 🙂

    I also facing the same problem, but my lips other than chapped, dry and peel sometime when it dry or after meal (like any regular meal) it will be quite itchy and it just started like a few months ago and i dont think it was allery. Infection maybe? how much does it cost in Malaysia?

    • Hey Velnie,

      The itching part sounds like you’ll need a doctor’s medical advice, so you should head over to one soon 🙂

      I’m not sure about the price in Malaysia though. Perhaps you can call up The Face Shop Malaysia to ask?

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