Review: Sulwhasoo Firming Cream

Last night, in the midst of panic-packing for my upcoming Korean trip, I decided to take a breather by doing a shopping list. Of course, that incited another bout of panic (OMG I don’t have enough money to buy everything I want!).

Very reluctantly, I starting removing some “Must-Buy” items to the “Buy-Only-If-I-Want-To-Eat-Bread-Till-Next-Payday” list. However, one item that’s definitely staying in my list is the Sulwhasoo Firming Cream.

Sulwhasoo Firming Cream, 75ml – KRW90,000 (approx SGD99.95)

This is my first tub, and I’ve used it for about 4-5 months already. 

Application and Effects

To be honest, I skipped a couple of steps in my skincare regime when I first hopped onto the Sulwhasoo bandwagon. I started on the First Care Serum, and when I fell in love with it, I went ahead and bought this Firming Cream 탄력크림 (pronounced Tan Ryeok Keu Rim) instead of the Revitalising Serum or Balancing Emulsion.

At that point, it was more of an affordability issue – I’d rather get a firming cream that functions as a sai gang warrior (local slang for multi-tasker) than another product that has targeted functions.

A little goes a long way for this cream – the amount on my hand is enough for my whole face, and that’s saying something cos I do have a face that’s a godsend for makeup artists who love to do sculpting.

However, I was so pleasantly surprised to find that just a month after using this together with the First Care Serum, a long-standing crease-about-to-turn-into-wrinkle on my forehead had disappeared!

It was after that experience that I began manic-purchasing all the products from Sulwhasoo’s Basic Line (and also when my credit card began dialing the SOS hotline).

This cream is slightly thick in consistency, has a very pleasant herbal scent that also doubles up as pre-bedtime aromatherapy for the stressed soul. Don’t over apply it cos your face will end up being plastered to your pillow, and you’ll have to peel away the pillow case from your face to turn to the other side. It’ll also result in that morning-after oily face. Remember, too much of a good thing can be bad for you.

Otherwise, I’d recommend that you buy this (but only after you’ve gotten all the other Basic Range items from Sulwhasoo).


3 thoughts on “Review: Sulwhasoo Firming Cream

  1. hi. what’s the age range for using this product? is it a good idea to use it with makeup on? i realise for Hydro-aid cream, is not really a good idea. But the hydration level is great.

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