Sephora Head to Toe Hydrator

I’m not just a Ko’Ho (Korean product ‘ho) – I have other likes too, such as Sephora’s Head to Toe Hydrator.

Now this is truly a surprise gem, since Sephora is usually known for the other brands it carries, rather than its own in-house brands.

Sephora Head to Toe Hydrator – SGD18

One day after a particularly draining yoga session, we decided to perk ourselves up with a visit to Sephora (on our way down to the food court buy some food to stuff our faces).

Tucked in a tiny corner, I saw this and the words “Head to Toe” jumped out at my inner lazy self. “Really? One cream that works for all? IMPOSSIBRUUUUU.”

Application and Effects

Challenge accepted. I shoved the cream at my yoga pal who has notoriously wild natural curls. “Try it!”

Boy, were were surprised. Her hair went from insane to tame in 5 seconds. And, it wasn’t heavy and flat – light, fluffy, and like a Pantene hair ad.

We then proceeded to try it on our hands – hers being sensitive hands and mine being extremely dry ones. It was absorbed uber quickly. She had no adverse reaction while it wasn’t overly creamy for my super-hate-the-humidity tastebuds. I even ventured to gingerly apply some on my face, and it was absorbed quickly, leaving a slight cooling sensation and a semi-velvety feel. The scent is 40% clinical, 60% fragrant.

The consistency is not too thick nor too watery

Needless to say, we bought one tube each on the spot and went home happy.

These days, I use it mostly for my hands and body, while my friend uses it for hands, body and hair.

Before application: fine lines can be seen

After application: fine lines are gone and skin is more supple!

The packaging states that it can even  be used as a face mask (simply apply a thicker layer, leave it on for 5 mins and rinse off), but hey, I’ve spent that much accumulating my Sulwhasoo army – I can’t let it go to waste, can I? 😛


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