Review: Laneige Brightening Sun Powder

My makeup routine has always been minimal. (alternatively, you could call it lazy). My daily routine is:

  1. BB cream
  2. Blusher
  3. Lip balm (as I wait for the lift to arrive)

But of course, there are repercussions of this minimalism / laziness. Like ice cream in Singapore’s humid weather,  my makeup would be gone / melted off my face even before the end of the day. In fact, by the time I got to my office, some of my BB would have slid off my T-zone already.

I’ve never used loose powder to “set” the makeup because I didn’t like having kueh lapis skin (multi-layered nonya dessert). The loose powders that I had previously tried were either too patchy, didn’t cover properly, or over-caked my skin.

However, this mindset of mine was finally changed when I came upon the Laneige Brightening Sun Powder.

Laneige Brightening Sun Powder SPF50 – SGD48

Application and Effects

Cleanser – Toner (I use Laneige Perfect Renew Skin Refiner) – Essence (I use Tony Moly Whitening Capsule Essence) – BB cream – Laneige Brightening Sun Powder – Blusher

Instead of just using it as a powdered sunscreen, I decided to use it as a loose power. And also, instead of using the provided sponge, I used a large brush to dab it all over my face – just a light layer was enough to set my BB cream properly.

What’s more, I love that it didn’t mattify my face completely – my skin still retained some natural glow (come on people, fully-mattified faces are only for anime characters in black & white manga). There was also a radiance, possibly due to the pink tinge of the powder.

Applied to the upper half of the hand – you can barely see the difference with my actual skin tone

Under bright sunlight – still barely noticeable 

Also, since this is also a sunscreen, I don’t have to feel like a hamburger patty getting roasted in my own facial oils when I spend too long waiting for the traffic light green man to come on. PLUS, that centre diamond portion? No, it’s not a manufacturing defect – it’s actually Vitamin C essence that’s good for your skin.

To top it off, I love the scent. It’s pleasant without being overpowering, and strangely makes me want to lick it like I would with icing sugar…

But anyway, if you’re looking for a good multi-tasking loose powder / sunscreen, I’d recommend this. I’m certainly getting another one when this finishes.


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