Review: Laneige Perfect Renew Skin Refiner

Sometime back in 2006/2007, I attended a media presentation by P&G. The scientist told us that toners didn’t have much use (in response to a question as to why they didn’t have a toner in some product range). They appeared to make your skin feel tighter and firmer, and pores minimised because they were mostly alcohol-based. People, alcohol is supposed to have that astringent effect on your skin.

In addition, the scientist also told us that whole thing about toners removing unwashed dirt and residue off your face was also an add-on. If you had an efficient cleanser, you wouldn’t need that extra step right? It’s like ordering one McSpicy meal and then another – you might as well have gotten the McSpicy Double meal in the first place.

On that fateful day, I went home and hurled my Clinique toner into the bin with Jeremy Lin-like precision. Guess why I did it?

  1. I had finally found the perfect reason to get rid of an additional step in my regime. Woohoo!
  2. I wanted to save on cotton pads.
  3. The astringent effect on my skin made me feel like I’d gone for one too many Botox sessions. I’m too young to be expressionless!
  4. I’d used the toner for more than six months and it still wasn’t close to finishing. It just looked so ugly on my dresser.
  5. I was convinced by the scientist.
  6. All of the above.

Ding ding ding! (6) is the correct answer.

Suffice to say, I didn’t use any toner from 2007 till 2011. My skin was fine, and I had no major breakouts. I did find that my pores were gradually getting bigger and I was slightly alarmed. That, however, did not set me on a frenetic search for a perfect toner.

I unintentionally stumbled upon the Laneige Perfect Renew Skin Refiner when doing a trial / recommendation for the lovely ladies at Amore Pacific (Laneige) and had to try on all the products from the Perfect Renew range. I found that one product stood out significantly more than the rest.

Laneige Perfect Renew Skin Refiner, 120ml – KRW27,000-30,000 (not sure of the exact price cos I claimed tax back for it.) Will check out the SGD price soonest! 

Application and Effects

Cleanser – Perfect Renew Skin Refiner – Tony Moly Whitening Capsule (day) OR Sulwhasoo First Care Serum (night) – Sulwhasoo Balancing Emulsion

The Laneige Perfect Renew Skin Refiner had beckoned to me. It wasn’t the usual watery consistency that most toners had – slightly thicker, kind of like a gel. It also had its signature pleasant Laneige scent which was non-alcoholic and non-offensive (I don’t get how some girls can use toners with alcohol wafts that shoot straight up their noses – you might as well snort your toner instead of applying it with cotton pads).

It didn’t make my skin feel Botox-tight; instead, my skin feels more like a takopachi – boing boing bouncy soft. After just one week, I found that my pores had shrunk significantly, and my skin was much more radiant. And yes, it does help to remove residual makeup (but  I do have good cleansers and makeup removers).

I’m currently into my 3rd bottle, and the rate that my skin drinks it is astonishing.

Bought in Jan 2012, and this is what’s left. Meh! 😦

But you know what? I think it’s worth it. Check out this following photo – absolutely NO flash, NO makeup and NO photoshop. And this was taken under the usual HDB florescent lighting. I apologise for the extremely-large photo – how else can you see my skin clearly?

I so need to work on those dark eye circles. 

Convinced to grab a bottle yet? I highly recommend it – this has got my two thumbs up and absolute approval. 😀


8 thoughts on “Review: Laneige Perfect Renew Skin Refiner

  1. geez girl, your skin is so friggin flawless, you must be born with it =) Btw, love all your posts and reviews. Being a gmarket addict, I have packages sent every week of various skin care stuff and am now loving history of whoo (their whitening range is one of the more effective ones around and I’ve tried tons in the past 15 years) and all the hydro-gel masks from The Saem. Gonna be stalking your blog from now for new updates =P

  2. hey daphne! thanks for saying that but my skin was terrible when I was growing up. It only started getting better when I was in my early-20s :p
    Omg I really wanna try History of Whoo but I’m targeting to buy everything from Sulwhasoo by the end of this year, and then I’ll move on to Whoo 😀

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  5. I received a little bottle as a sample when I bought a bunch of things with Laneige and I love it so much! I thought my Avene toner was fairly decent with a low alcohol content but this one really changed my perspective on what the ideal toner should be.

  6. Hi, glad to find out & read about this, do you still use this product now? Just bought the set & im glad that it works wonders to your skin. I hope i get the same results.


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